4 Key Benefits of Virtual Offices Aside Increased Productivity

There’s no doubt that operating a virtual office increases workplace productivity. Employees that work 100 percent remotely enjoy freedom, flexible working environment and avoid the stress of commuting to work. All these boost employees’ productivity level.

But apart from increase in productive, businesses benefit more from virtual offices in areas like cost, and returns on investment.

If you own a small business but you don’t have a virtual workforce, here 4 benefits you’ve been missing all along.

Employees are more engaged

Employees that work remotely are more engaged and more committed to their work than their counterparts who work in the office. An investment firm which reviewed the results of a 360-degree feedback process confirmed that team members who were not in the same location with their leaders were more engaged and committed — and rated the same leader higher — than team members sitting right nearby.

This is because proximity breeds complacency, absence makes people try harder to connect, leaders of virtual teams make better use of tools, and leaders of far-flung teams maximize the time their teams spend together.

Again, if all these have any implication on employees, it has to be job satisfaction. When employees are satisfied, they can pull their weight behind their organizations. They’d work towards actualizing of the company’s objectives, and contribute immensely to its growth.

Effective service delivery

The essence of a virtual office is to make seamless the task of running a business. Instead of having to handling mail logistics yourself, you can make use of a mail forwarding address provider to receive and send mail to any location.

This process can be complex depending on the size of your organization. It could involve handling phone calls, fax messages, and having a live receptionist. However, all these can be skillfully handled by the facilities you’re hiring and your virtual team can focus on their core duties.

Access to skilled workforce

The world being a global village makes it easy to run a virtual business smoothly. The beauty of having a remote workforce is the ability to work with the best brains from any part of the world.

Some decades back, working with big brands only happened in the imagination of many. If the brand does not have a physical branch in your country, you might have to travel great distances to position yourself for an opportunity to work with them.

But now, it’s possible to have a workforce that enjoys global spread. For example, your HR manager could be from the US, your graphic designer from Australia, while your software developer could be from India.

Low cost of business operation

If you’ve looking for a way to reduce the cost of running your business without necessarily compromising standards, you have a solution in virtual offices.

You’re cutting out hardware purchase and maintenance, furniture, and every other equipment that’s necessary to keep the office running. Your workforce will be using their own equipment so you can save more money.

In addition, you’d enjoy little or no overhead because expenses such as rent, utilities, labor burden, rent, repairs, supplies, taxes, telephone bills, and travel expenditures will have been naturally eliminated.

In conclusion, running a virtual office is pretty cheap. The only real cost is the cost of training your remote workforce.


Jimmy Rohampton is a freelance writer, blogger and business consultant from Southwest London. He travels the world and helps people master blogging and online marketing at HowToCreateABlog.org. Think you're interesting and he should know you? Say "Hi" to him at Jimmy@HowToCreateABlog.org

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