4 Tips to Help You Get What You Want During a Custody Battle

Divorce cases are never pleasant. They come with many financial pitfalls, but when they involve children they can get downright heart-breaking. Getting what you want in a custody battle is statistically harder for men than it is for women, for a number of reasons. But if you can demonstrate that you have the best interests of the child in mind you’re more likely to get what you want.

This guide is going to give you a number of tips to help you get what you want during a custody battle.

Is the Child at the Heart of Your Daily Life?

The goal of a court is to make sure the child’s life receives as little disruption as possible. Your lawyer will attempt to make it clear how vital you are to that child’s life. The easiest way to win custody is to demonstrate that you’re the dominant force in that child’s life.

For example, if one party is at work and the other is at home with the child all day the outcome of the custody battle is relatively simple. The person who’s always with the child will keep custody, as long as they’re considered a fit and proper parent.

Behave in and out of Court

It’s not uncommon for your former spouse to promote all the negatives about you. It doesn’t actually matter what they say. What matters is whether the courts believe them. If you get angry and start screaming in court, it’s only going to work in the other party’s favor.

Make sure you behave inside and outside of court. Act like the judge is standing next to you all the time.

Don’t Turn the Child against the Other Party

Some people will even try to turn the child against the other party by filling their heads with half-truths. You should know that children are smarter than that and are often devastatingly honest. Don’t attempt to make out that the other party is something they’re not.

The court will speak to the child and the chances are the child will tell the judge about your behavior. The best option is to keep your negative feelings to yourself.

Beware of Honey Traps

When custody battles get nasty things can get underhand fast. An experienced divorce attorney will always advises people that their conversations could be recorded. Things said out of anger and frustration often becomes the rope that hangs the speaker. The moment a court hears words like this is the moment the custody battle is over.

Whenever you’re around your spouse or child, even in private surroundings, act as if there’s someone recording your conversation. It might seem paranoid, but recordings are unbelievably common, and they’re usable in cases like this.

Do What Your Lawyer Says

The best piece of advice is to not overthink your custody battle. Your lawyer will brief you on what to do and what not to do. Listen to them and don’t depart from the script. There’s no guarantee you’ll win your custody battle, but you’ll increase your chances of getting what you want from it.


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