5 Advantages Rugged Industrial Computers have Over Commercial Systems

When it comes to outdoor and industrial computing, industrial computers are your best bet. Commercial computing systems can definitely handle a lot but most of them are not strong enough to handle the rigors of outdoor and industrial uses where they would have to be exposed to a lot of foreign bodies like water, dust, grease, grime, or other things.

Commercial computers are very sensitive and can hardly withstand exposure to such things. It is therefore recommended that you invest in an industrial computer system that is built to last in extreme conditions.

Some of the benefits you would derive when you invest in industrial computers include:

1. Production Cost Savings

Manufacturing takes a lot of financial commitments. Direct and indirect costs associated with production, including raw materials, power, fuel and energy costs, are on the rise. It has therefore become imperative to find out ways to cut production costs.

The demands of the manufacturing industry might be too rigorous for commercial systems and this may result in continuous breakdowns and incessant replacements. A rugged industrial computer saves you all these unnecessary and avoidable costs.

2. Less Production Downtimes

Computer breakdowns are much more costly for your business than you think. When commercial computers break down, it leads to idle time for your workers and since you may have to pay them anyway, you not only lose the profits on the demands you would have met up with, you would also lose the cost of wages or salaries that you would have to pay your workers for doing nothing.

It is advisable to invest in industrial computers as they are very reliable and have little or no downtimes so you can guarantee optimal function for a very long time.

3. Customization

Another benefit of industrial computers is that they can be customized and designed with specifications and built-in options that would suit your intended use.

If you are running a food production outfit for instance, you can talk to your industrial computer manufacturer to design a stainless steel, intrinsically sealed and waterproof computer fit for use in your industry.

Basically, you can get any design or specifications you want, unlike commercial computers where you have to purchase pre-made computers and maybe try to tweak to suit your needs.

4. Better Processors

Industrial computers also come with better and faster processors for better processing speed. They come with high-end processors that can be used to run automated manufacturing process. They can be used to achieve faster stocktaking, dispatch and other manufacturing applications.

5. Fireproof

One of the major functions that computers perform is storage of data. Loss of data can be very costly for your business and one of the ways through which data may be lost is through fire accidents. Industrial computers are designed to be waterproof and fireproof. They can be reinforced with stainless steel so that a fire incident would be unable to affect the computer or data stored in it in anyway.

Although industrial computers are expensive and can be a huge investment for any business, the long-term benefits outweigh the costs and in the end, your business would be better for it.


Jimmy Rohampton is a freelance writer, blogger and business consultant from Southwest London. He travels the world and helps people master blogging and online marketing at HowToCreateABlog.org. Think you're interesting and he should know you? Say "Hi" to him at Jimmy@HowToCreateABlog.org

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