5 Benefits of VPNs Other Than Protection from Security Threats

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a tool that creates a secure connection from your device to another network over the Internet. Although, not the only benefit of a VPN, the role of establishing secure connections is one of the most common reasons people use it.

Today, the VPN is widely used across the world by different people and for different purposes. So whether it’s the free version you have or you subscribed to a paid plan, you’ll always have a unique reason to continue using one.

In this article, we’ll look at the common benefits of using VPN that do not have to do with security.

Access to websites blocked by location

Geo-blocking isn’t new in the internet world. It is a virtual wall that’s used to bar the inhabitants of certain locations or the people using certain IP addresses. At times, it’s used to block countries that are perceived to engage in scams. It’s also employed to perpetuate different price regimes for different nationals.

If you fall into any of these categories, you need not worry because a VPN provides a way out. It does so by simply removing the restriction, using a foreign IP that’s allowed by the home country.

Internet censorship bypass

Similar to geo-blocking, some websites are usually censored, thus making it difficult for you to access them. This method is usually employed by the government of some countries who want to reduce social interaction at certain times. Streaming services such as Netflix also restrict streaming for specific locations.

Also, employers use it to reduce the rate of data consumption among their employees or to limit distractions in a bid to improve productivity. With the use of a VPN, you can bypass such censorship and gain access to any website on the internet.

Anonymous browsing activity

If you’re using a public network, chances are your activities would be visible to the people around you or in your network. Again, you might find yourself making transactions on sites without the secure protocols.

In a situation like this, you can use a VPN to mask your activities or hide your identity. This also works to circumvent traffic monitoring by your ISP. However, you should note that your activities will be logged by the VPN providers, so you need to be careful still.

Remote access to home network

When you travel and you don’t have access to your local or home network, then it’s time to turn on your VPN. This will help you gain access to your personal network with all its resources such as file shares, so you won’t miss out on anything.

Heavy file download

Are you finding it difficult to download a file via Bit Torrent? A VPN provides an easy way out especially if the throttling activity of your ISP is slowing down the download speed. With a good VPN, you can safely and quickly download multiple files of high quality.


While it’s true that VPNs have numerous benefits and uses, you must carefully choose one that suits your needs. Usually, the free versions have limited features, but if you want some more value, you should buy one that’s not so pricey.


Jimmy Rohampton is a freelance writer, blogger and business consultant from Southwest London. He travels the world and helps people master blogging and online marketing at HowToCreateABlog.org. Think you're interesting and he should know you? Say "Hi" to him at Jimmy@HowToCreateABlog.org

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