Cancer Prevention: Life-Saving Tips That Really Help

The best cure for cancer is prevention. This statement holds true considering that only a small percentage of cancer victims actually survive it. In fact, the greatest chance of survival is in detecting the cancerous cells early enough and then getting treatment from oncologists.

The duty of an oncologist is to perform cancer diagnosis, give cancer treatment, and take steps towards cancer prevention. Although the proton therapy center advocates for treating cancer with therapies that have insignificant side effects, prevention is the least costly and most effective way to put cancer at bay.

Here are life-saving tips that could help you prevent on the deadliest diseases of all time.

Avoid eating canned foods

Eating canned foods increases your chances of ‘bisphenol-A’ consumption, a substance that’s known for causing cancer. This chemical is also known for its endocrine disrupting tendencies and it is found in plastic containers, food packages, and the inner coatings of food/beverage cans.

To minimize your exposure to bisphenol-A, consider storing your food items in other containers other than can and plastic, use more of glass instead of plastic dishes, and avoid using plastic in the microwave. Again, consider eating more of natural and home-grown food items.

Purify your water

The importance of water purification can never be over-emphasized. Apart from keeping you safe from germs, purified water also helps to detoxify your body from harmful by-products.

Chlorine is a major substance used for killing water bacteria, preventing diseases such as diarrhea and cholera. However studies have shown that when this is done for lengthy period of time, chlorinated water puts you at the risk of getting cancer. To tackle this, neutralize the chlorine in your water or drink boiled water often.

Stop using the microwave

Although microwaving you food in plastic containers puts you at greater risk, the emissions made by the microwave itself have the ability to create weak cell membranes and break cells apart.

If you’re used to the microwave lifestyle, you might find it pretty difficult to break away from it. But keeping your food in the refrigerator also provides adequate preservation. Once you’re ready to eat a portion, simply pick it from the refrigerator and warm it a little. A toasting machine is also a great alternative, but you should ensure that it is kept at a low temperature.

Reduce exposure to toxins

Toxins are also causative agents for cancer. They are found in the environment, beauty products, chemicals used for cleaning, and air fresheners. These toxins include terpenes, benzene, styrene, phenol, nonylphenol ethoxylates, formaldehyde, and petroleum solvents.

It is interesting to know that these substances can be avoided since there are natural, harmless alternatives. For example, instead of using harmful chemical cleaners, you could use a combination of baking soda, vinegar, and tea tree oil as scrubs for your bathroom. There are also natural products that can be used as air fresheners and makeups.

Use natural beauty products

Women generally love to wear their makeups and take care of their bodies with different beauty products. However, some of these cosmetic products that they opt for contain some harmful chemical compounds.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), has restricted the use of some dangerous cosmetic ingredients because they’re harmful when used as intended. Instead, it is advisable to focus on natural beauty techniques such as cleansing, moisturizing, exfoliating, and masking.


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