How to Identify the Best Cloud Storage Solution for Your Business

Identifying the best cloud storage solution for your business could be a massive challenge. If you’ve not used one before, making a choice out of the several available options could give you a headache. However, having the right information helps to lift this burden off you.

Another challenge is getting the right solution for your needs. For example, if you’re looking for the right office 365 backup, you should look for a service that doesn’t just provide large storage for your Microsoft Office 365 alone but one that’s easy to install, has complete features, and provides adequate protection.

Generally, here are the top 5 features a good cloud storage system should have.


In cloud storage, the amount of time it takes to upload or download data is a crucial factor. Normally, it should take longer period to upload or download very large set of data, but a cloud storage system with a very large capacity will make it seem so simple. In order words, we can say that speed is a function of storage capacity.

You could easily test for speed across multiple cloud services by zipping different files into a folder and then running them through various service providers. However, you might not be able to do this if data runs into several terabytes. In this case, you have to rely on the judgement of different cloud storage services.


Since cloud storage deals majorly with the movement of data, you have to be sure that safety is guaranteed. Essentially, the storage system must have a solid encryption in place to prevent files from unauthorized access.

Before you go ahead to buy a backup service, do enquire about their encryption standards. According to IBM, the common encryption algorithms are AES, SHA, and TLS.


Because innovation is the hallmark of business in modern times, a company does not just offer a single solution to a problem and claim to be the best. A company that provides cloud storage services must offer some flexible add-on options and innovative applications.

If they’ve got a safe solution with encryption, quick recovery process, fast upload/download, and an intuitive system that allows you to work from a central console, then you should buy their services.

Efficient customer service

A business that only pays attention to the technical aspects is only doing half the job. A late response to a question posed by a potential client could create an impression that you aren’t ready for business. That’s a fact.

The assumption is that if it takes you forever to respond to a simple query, then it might take you forever to fix a technical issue. Therefore, as much as a company wants to provide the best cloud storage facilities, it should also improve customer support because it projects their company better than technical expertise.

Growing customer base

It’s quite logical to say that a business is being patronized by a large number of people if it keeps them happy by giving them value for their money. Therefore, having a growing customer base typifies a thriving business.

Check to see if there are testimonials, good reviews, and referrals. This can be done by simply reading their blog comments and following them on social media.


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