How to Quickly Grasp Complex Mathematical Functions

The heavy tides of technology are hugely impacting the world and mathematics is the basis of technology. Simple mathematics may match up to everyone’s IQ but complex mathematics requires just one extra step for it to sink in.

Do you think mathematics as a subject has too many complex functions and you can never really understand it? Squash those thoughts.

Here’s how to quickly grasp complex mathematical functions.

Change your mindset

First, you need to erase the notion that mathematics is difficult. Complex mathematics is nothing but mathematics itself. The word “complex” is just a name but it instills fear in many people. What if complex mathematics is called simple mathematics?

Find your voice within the context of complex mathematics and say, internally, that mathematics is simple. This tough mindset will sharpen your goals and visions.

Study mathematics every day

To quickly grasp complex mathematical functions, you must study mathematics every day. But first, you must perfect your mathematics basics.Don’t draw yourself too thin; schedule your study time into your most productive time. And it shouldn’t be more than six hours every day.

Study hard in your comfortable state of mind but outside your comfort zone. Then use the 3R trick: Read, Review then Rewrite. This works like magic. Follow this format and you’ll have those functions glued to your brain.

See mathematics as a language

Most people run away from mathematics because of the symbols, formulas, and terms. In reality, ABC is a symbol too but how come you aren’t scared of them?

When you see mathematics as a language, you learn each symbol, formula, and functions as a language. Likewise, understanding that a concept such as interval notation is similar to punctuation in English language improves your mathematical expressions a great deal.

Lastly, you should practice it every day, write it out in your heart, and speak them out until it becomes a part of you.

Learn mathematical functions in layers

Mathematical functions are the building blocks of basic math.If your break down that complex mathematical formula, you’ll reveal the simplicity that leads to it.So, don’t just memorize formulas without knowing the basics. Take a look at the conditions attached to some of these formulas as these conditions provide direction.

Understanding the basics help you recall them when needed and use them properly. With this, you’d definitely understand those complex functions even when they’ve been tweaked a bit.

Walk your way to mastery

Though, the 10,000 hour rule has been debunked, I’m still a believer of the Malcolm Gladwell’s mastery rule, particularly for mathematical functions.

My best way to learning those complex mathematical functions in programming is by practising. I’ll practice, practice, and practice more. With proper practice, you’ll walk your way up the path of mastery.

Awareness of mathematical path

Lastly, be aware of the numerous paths to solving mathematical problems. A simple calculation could take 3 different routes to attain the answer. For instance, the ratio could be written in these three forms: 4:16, 4/16, or 4 to 16. Therefore, being aware of these paths is a great way out of the lost zone.


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