How to Safely Get Your Belongings To and From the University in 4 Steps

One issue that bothers most university students when the holidays are nearing is what to do with their many belongings – how to keep them safe till the next resumption.

While there are several options for keeping your property safe during holidays, ranging from hiring student storage services or self-storage services to keeping them with a friend or relative living nearby – or another student not going for the holidays – to either going through the stress of bundling them all along or choosing the easier shipping option, this post will be focusing on the last option: shipping.

In this post, you’ll be learning how to get your belongings to and from your university safely and easily. You’ll know the steps to take with a student shipping company in order to enjoy a smooth and seamless collection and delivery process.

Ideally, you must have done your due diligence to ensure you’ve chosen a good but affordable shipping company for your belongings – especially one that has a package or promo specially created for students, which will be reasonably far cheaper than their regular package.

And then you must have also ensured you’ve looked out for some qualities, like security, professionalism, great customer service, ease of use, and more, in whichever company you eventually settle for.

Having settled all the above, here are 4 simple steps your transaction with your ideal student shipping service must entail, in order to safely get your belongings to and from the university:

1. Book a collection online

This is the obvious first step when choosing shipping as your student storage alternative. You need to visit the website of the student shipping company and book a collection online (location, date, time, etc.) – ideally a few days in advance.

Successfully doing this will give you the chance of getting your items collected by the company, either directly from your apartment if you live off-campus, or from your hall of residence’s reception – or any collection point designated by the university.

2. Print your collection labels

On booking a collection online, a collection label should be immediately available for you to print out and be able to securely attach to your belongings. This is basically for easy tracking, delivery, and identification purposes.

3. Company collects your items

Next is to wait for the company to come collect your items on the scheduled collection date.

There’s ideally always a way to track the company driver assigned to collect your items, in case there’s a glitch. And if your collector refuses to appear, or you miss collection, you should be able to easily contact the company to get the issue resolved as soon as possible. If you wouldn’t be available for collection, a friend can help hand your items to the driver.

4. Your belongings get delivered to you

The obvious final step: all you have to do is await the delivery of your belongings. The deliveryman will get your items to your home or wherever location you choose – or a local depot if you wish. If you miss delivery, the deliveryman should (ideally) make more delivery attempts.

If you really want to get your student belongings safely to and from the university via shipping, ensure whichever company you choose follows these 4 steps in their dealings with you – and probably have them boldly written on their website or brochure.


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