How to Ship Your Palletized Items in 3 Easy Steps

Pallets are commonly used in shipping, not only because they are easy to use, but also because they’re reliable in ensuring goods are properly packaged for safe and smooth transportation.

Shipping your items in pallets doesn’t have to be a difficult task for you; here are the 3 easy steps you need to follow to get your palletized items safely shipped:

1. Choose a pallet

As you might know, or can imagine, there are various types of pallets, depending on your need. Some commonly used ones – and commonly required by shipping companies – are 4-Way Entry Pallets and Euro Pallets. Pallets also differ from each other based on sizes.

You must always have it at the back of your mind however that you must use the right pallet for the items you intend to ship, in order to avoid any damage or other problems while in transit.

You should ensure to choose a pallet big enough to hold all the items you’re sending, without any overhang. And it goes without saying that the pallet you choose must be durable and undamaged, whether new or used.

Buying pallets shouldn’t be a problem; they can be easily found in almost any hardware store. Just walk into one in your area and tell them exactly what you need the pallet for so they can recommend the one perfect for your needs.

2. Load the pallet

Pallets are not so difficult to use; you should be able to load a pallet by yourself, without requiring any professional help. All you just need do is follow some basic best practices.

Firstly make sure you pack the items well before you even start thinking of loading them on the pallet. You want to get cardboard boxes of about the same size – if not perfectly the same size, pack each item to be shipped into them neatly, cushioned with foam or packing peanuts and sealed with duct tape. Using boxes makes pallet packing easier than dumping uneven items onto the pallet.

Next, stack the boxes on top of each other onto the pallet to create a square shape; lighter ones before heavier ones, and everything not too high to prevent instability. You can use a layer of liner paper to reduce friction between stacks of boxes.

Finally, once you’re sure the boxes are secured onto the pallet, use pallet wrap to tightly wrap the goods in multiple layers, starting with the end of the wrap tied to the base of the pallet, to ensure everything stays firmly in place. Some pallet delivery companies, like Pallet Anywhere, would usually implore that you also use banding or ratchet straps, in addition to the pallet wrap, to attach your goods more securely to the pallet.

Remember, our aim is to make sure nothing comes off the pallet, and there are no overhangs.

Now your palletized goods are ready to be shipped.

3. Ship the pallet

The obvious next step is to choose a pallet shipping company to get your pallet-packed item to your desired destination. Do your research and choose a shipping company that is both reliable and affordable.

Find out your shipping rates, which will be determined by your measurements, and also make sure you attach the right label to your palletized item. Everything, from obtaining a quote, to booking, to payment and getting labels, can be done online.


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