Need a Lawyer? Here are the 5 Steps to Take

The importance of lawyers in society can never be overrated.

Hiring the services of the right lawyer can get you the necessary entitlements you deserve, help you avoid prison time and even make your divorce process less dramatic.

Knowing fully the benefits of having a good lawyer at your service, it becomes necessary to be very selective in choosing one to represent you as not every lawyer is as good as they project themselves to be.

Here are 5 steps to take when you need a lawyer.

1. Area of expertise

You have a relative who's a lawyer but that doesn't mean he can handle a divorce case as he might just be in the corporate law field.

Another example is having a personal injury case and hiring a divorce lawyer. What a disaster waiting to explode. You're definitely losing that case, there's no bargaining as you should have opted for a personal injury lawyer instead.

So the first step to hiring a lawyer is to making sure they are experts in the area of concern. That’s a major prerequisite to winning any case.

2. References

The next step to getting a good lawyer is through the word of mouth and referrals from family members, friends, associates, neighbours and the likes.

You can be most certain that you're hiring the services of a good lawyer if you get to meet one through any of the people above. This is because they have nothing to gain or lose from the recommendation as it's based solely on the excellence of their previous dealings with them.

3. Research

With the internet almost everything is within your grasp. After you've been referred to one or two lawyers, you might want to run a little background check on their personality, achievements and their mode of operation.

You can visit the firm's website, read up on them and see if they practice the type of law you're in need of. Also search for a free consultation, lots of firms offer this.

4. Appointment

If you'll hire a lawyer, you'll need to set up an appointment and ask as many questions as possible.

If you notice that they are avoiding your questions, they are in a hurry to get you to make a commitment or they have little or no credentials, that's a red light and you should definitely take to your heels. You will not only be losing your precious time and money, you will also be losing the case if you go further with them.

During the appointment, take down notes and be sure to ask vital questions, such as their experience in the field of interest to you, number of cases previously handled, if they have handled any case relating to yours, time period your case will take to be resolved, billing rates and so on.

Also, be observant of how patient they are in listening to all your questions and how they respond. The goal is to get someone who will listen to you with interest and take the time to vividly explain things to you.

5. Hire the lawyer

The last step to take is to hire the lawyer. Of course you don't want to lose a lawyer who has proven to be worth the money you're about to spend, so, hire them to help you win that case.

A connection between you and the lawyer is essential as you'll be spending so much time together gathering the needed information to win the case. Be sure they're empathetic to your concerns and are willing to go the extra-mile.

Take the time to follow the 5 steps above and you'll have a good lawyer in no time.


Jimmy Rohampton is a freelance writer, blogger and business consultant from Southwest London. He travels the world and helps people master blogging and online marketing at Think you're interesting and he should know you? Say "Hi" to him at

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