The Mini-Guide to Choosing the Perfect Golf Rangefinder for You

Golf has been described as the gentleman's game. It's a sport that has, over the years, grown to be played by not just anyone but men of class. Whether it's just teeing off for the fun of it or it's a tour somewhere in Europe or the Middle East, golf simply oozes class.

To the uninitiated, the game may just be about grown men knocking golf balls into different holes on a course. Well, golf involves that, and much more. Several tactics and techniques are usually needed by those who play the game.

From different stances, to swinging techniques and the different gadgets needed to enjoy the game, playing golf involves a lot.

Speaking of gadgets, one of the gadgets that have been in the game for some years now and can help you slash that handicap is the Golf Rangefinder.

A golf rangefinder is used to aid the golf player in accurately determining the distance to certain fixed points on a golf course. In simpler terms, a golf rangefinder makes playing golf easier and much more fun.

These rangefinders come in different shapes and sizes. As such, there are things you should know before you try to get one for yourself. In this article, I'll be discussing some of these things.

1. Recognize the Different Types of Golf Rangefinders

When it comes to rangefinders, there are two major types available on the market: the GPS and the laser rangefinders. Both serve the same purpose of providing accurate yardages to the target, even though they're two very different technologies.

The GPS rangefinder on one hand doesn't need as much time as the laser rangefinder to determine your distance to either the hole or other points on the golf course. This is because most of them already have maps of thousands of course in their database. All you need to do is go to the settings and find the course you're playing on.

The laser rangefinder on the other hand, usually requires a bit of skill to operate when trying to capture targets. You will have to aim and point it which obviously takes longer than just looking at a map.

Another difference is how they can be used. The single biggest reason to use a laser golf rangefinder is that it can be used anywhere on any course in the world unlike the GPS rangefinder, which can only be used on at courses that the company has mapped.

These are just some of the differences between the two types of golf rangefinders. The knowledge of these differences will go a long way in helping you choose the perfect golf rangefinder for you.

2. Costs

Depending on what your pocket or bank account is saying, there are several options from which you can choose. GPS rangefinders usually cost less than laser golf rangefinders because of the technology and how it's rapidly getting better with each passing year.

Add to that the availability of GPS apps on most smart phones and the pricing of GPS rangefinders is understandable. Most times though, some of them require that you pay a monthly subscription, depending on the type of service that you choose.

Laser golf rangefinders, unlike GPS rangefinders, come at quite higher prices. And even though they usually last years and are good for gauging distance, it'll be hard to go for gadgets with high prices when the cheaper ones are also out there.

These 2 factors should help a long way in helping you get the ideal golf rangefinders for you, and in essence, maximize your golfing pleasure.


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