Top 4 Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Repair

The mess caused by using the traditional method to repair sewer lines is something one should avoid as much as possible. There’s the massive digging causing heaps of sand scattered everywhere, not to talk of how your wonderful garden might get destroyed in the process of the digging. It takes too much time and energy, and therefore leads to more costs, but fortunately all that is gone, thanks to trenchless sewer repair.

With trenchless sewer repair there are now quicker and better ways the sewer systems can be repaired without digging up any part of your property and making a mess of the whole place, and also without emptying your wallets.

Trenchless sewer repair includes the fixing of blocked pipes, cracked water pipes, pipes that got damaged due to freezing, and pipes that were improperly installed thereby causing water leaks. Trenchless sewer repair also entails the installation of larger water lines to either your company or home.

There are many more advantages attached to choosing trenchless sewer repair but below are the top 4.

1. Cleaner Environment

The older the pipes get, the more they fall apart, leading to cracks and blockages. Instead of digging the ground to fix them and causing a massive environmental mess in the process, as described earlier, trenchless sewer repair only requires the digging of one or two small holes – one where the sewer ends and the other at where it connects to the mainline – in order to reach the sewer line and get it fixed. This environment-friendly method prevents a lot of environmental mess that would otherwise have unavoidable.

There’s no excessive digging, no garden ruining, and no heaps of sand to deal with. All the work gets done efficiently, neatly and smoothly.

2. Less Expensive

If you have ever experienced a damaged pipe and had to get it fixed or replaced, you would have noticed how hard it is to pull off the job because it entails lots of labour-intensive digging, but with trenchless sewer repair there will be less manual labour, fewer technicians used, and all will be done in a lesser than expected time. All these will naturally cut down costs, and make the whole project less expensive that it would have been with the traditional way.

3. Faster

Getting sewer repaired in front of the home or at your business place could get really disgusting and time taking because of the huge mess that comes along with it. With trenchless sewer repair everything is different and this is because the customer gets a faster repair, compared to the traditional digging method.

4. Quality

Trenchless sewer repair entails the use of seamless materials like the High Density Polyethylene Pipe. It’s better than the traditional piping materials such as the cast iron or plastic piping. It is of good quality and can stand the test of time.

It prevents cracks and tree root evasions. In addition, it also doesn’t rust during the wet weather, unlike the old piping materials.

More so, trenchless sewer repair saves you from the destruction of your hard surface areas such as the sidewalks, patios and walkways. It also helps you save a whole lot of money overall. With these many benefits, trenchless should definitely become your ideal choice for your next sewer repair.


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