Top 6 Qualities to Look Out for When Buying Headphones for Your Kids

As a parent you can agree that not everything is good enough to be used by your kids.

Kids aren’t like adults, they don’t think of the many bills to pay or about any significant other, the only thing that basically runs through their mind most of the time is fun and more fun. They love to play games, listen to music and be on their computer all day long with no distraction whatsoever (except food of course).

They’ll probably approach you requesting that you buy them several gadgets and toys to maximize their fun. It will be left to you to decide which to buy and which to not buy, and which is healthy enough for all their fun activities, most of which you will probably be too busy to supervise.

Let’s talk about headphones for now.

Selecting a headphone of good quality is not difficult. There are lots of flashy headphones scattered all over stores, but the quality each delivers is all that matters. Here are the top 6 qualities you need to look out for when buying headphones for your kids.

1. Adjustable Headbands

Majority of headphones in stores are for adult heads. Purchasing any of those would mean a long period of frustration for your kids from the constant adjustment. The easier way out is to purchase one with adjustable headbands so the kids can easily adjust it to their comfort.

2. Sound Limit

The louder the music the more fun they have (so they think) but what they do not understand (but you do) is that the higher the volume, the more vulnerable their eardrums are to damage which can lead to long term hearing loss. You should look out for headphones that limit excessive volumes, those that don’t allow the volume surpass a certain level of decibel, 85dbA to be precise.

3. Durability

It’s kids we’re talking about here, everything they lay their hands on is either a fighting or playing object. I mean, how is your TV remote doing?

They don’t care, they just throw everything around because to them nothing is really fragile. This is where you have to make the best choice for them (and your budget) by choosing a very durable kids headphone, one that doesn’t get damaged easily so you won’t have to visit the headphone store every week.

4. Light Weight

Some headphones are just too heavy for kids regardless of how attractive and good they are. Remember they’re supposed to be having a good time with it not getting headaches and stress after using it, so go for something with a lighter weight option.

5. Battery Life

You’re probably just trying to get some alone time with your significant other or you brought home a lot of office work and need to put in undivided attention, trust me buying a headphone with a good battery life is just what you need.

All you need to do is charge it up and hand it over to your kid, s/he can go on and on listening to music for hours till they possibly fall asleep and you get to have all the time to yourself.

However, you should never make a habit of replacing your bonding time with music and fancy headphones.

6. Noise Blockage

Another quality to look out for when buying headphones for your kids is noise blockage. You should get one with an ear cushion design so it would be comfortable for them to use, and in addition to that, they get to block out any noise and enjoy the music or video game to the fullest without turning up the volume to a dangerous level.

The auditory system of kids are more delicate so it’s essential you select a headphone with the above 6 qualities to avoid damage of any form to their ears, while allowing them to maximize their fun time.


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