Valuable Home Accessories That Are Often Overlooked

What are the things that you look out for when you’re trying to buy a home? Is it the architectural design, or the availability of a swimming pool, garage and a well-trimmed garden? Or are you more interested in the interior décor?

All these add value to a house but there are other valuable yet overlooked home accessories which also add to the aesthetic worth of a house other than the above mentioned items. They have the ability to give your home a luxurious look in the eyes of real estate experts and laymen.

Normally, you cannot determine the worth of a house by merely assessing the external appearance. It is true that the quality of building materials used is a factor in the overall pricing of a house, but the interior décor is the indisputable icing of the cake. It accentuates the splendour of an apartment and provides the most comfortable features that you require.

For example, many people consider items such as furniture, lighting accessories, floor coverings and electronic gadgets to be the most valuable, probably because they’re the most visible. However, a holistic view reveals that these aren’t the only items capable of wowing your visitors.

Here are few more valuable but overlooked items that you should pay attention to.

1. Bathroom accessories

If you want to know the real worth of a house, take a look at the bathroom. A well-furnished bathroom can make every second spent there a memorable experience. According to Bella Bathrooms, bathroom accessories can add that little extra touch of class or unique finishing touch which can be missing from any bathroom. A standard bathroom should have accessories such as shower enclosure, shower bath, bathroom suites and furniture, towel rails, bathroom bin, light fittings and backlit mirror.

2. Kitchen accessories

The kitchen appears to be the most sought after place in the home. However, people who don’t furnish the kitchen with the necessary accessories will not enjoy every bit of time they spend there. Accessories like kitchen cabinet, dish rack, and kitchen countertops make your work in the kitchen less tedious, and can inspire you to always create culinary masterpieces for family and friends. Most people won’t appreciate the value these accessories provide until probably they start to wear out.

3. Window covers

Like other home accessories, window covers also play important roles although the roles they play are often underplayed. Apart from the fact that a window cover adds more colour to the house, it also provides protection for windows and creates a bit of warmth especially during winter period. In addition, lined window curtains have the ability to provide privacy and total darkness if you don’t want light filtering into your room.

4. Wallpapers and designs

Wallpapers have come to stay. Over the years, they’ve provided a perfect alternative to paints because of the huge variety of designs that can be chosen from. Also, wallpapers are the healthy choice when we consider the harmful effect paints could have on our health. Other wall accessories which add to the overall beauty of the house include wall clocks, wall frames, mini-shelves, and other works of art. Taking these items off your wall will definitely not make your house inhabitable, but it’ll make living there a very boring experience.


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