What Your Divorce Lawyer's Rates Tell You About Them

Getting a divorce can be expensive. The majority of divorce lawyers will use something called incremental billing, which can often be six minutes or twelve minutes, with a minimum incremental charge. This is why divorce lawyers can cost a lot of money.

Choosing your divorce lawyer is a big decision. When studying the various offers on the table you can discover a lot about your lawyer through the rates they charge.

You Get What You Pay For

It’s easy to look at a high charge and scoff. But you do generally get what you pay for. If a divorce lawyer isn’t charging a lot of money the chances are they’re opting for quantity of clients instead of quality of work. You’re not going to get the level of service you deserve because their attention is going to be split in many directions.

The Level of Experience

Experienced lawyers know they can charge more. They can deal with more complex cases and their clients trust in them. Someone who isn’t charging much at all is likely not very experienced. That isn’t a problem. At this point they just need to get more experience so they can charge more later. That’s just them growing their business and growing their wealth of experience.

But do you really want to become the guinea pig for a lawyer who has only been practicing for a couple of years?

What Other Clients Think

Lawyers in all niches know that the professionals who can command the highest rates are the ones in highest demand. The only way to increase demand is to improve your reputation. The divorce lawyers charging the higher rates are the ones that have built up their reputations, and for good reason.

The chances are the divorce lawyer charging a lot of money is the one that can get you the best settlement. For example, Orange County family law attorneys tend to charge more because of their level of experience and their reputation. Clients are still getting value for money, though.

Make Sure You Talk to Them First

You shouldn’t judge a lawyer exclusively on the rates they charge. Use it as a way to direct you towards the lawyers worth speaking to. Talking to the lawyers directly will help you to understand what they can do for you. Go out of your way to speak to them and find out what they think of your case.

Many lawyers will offer a free consultation, or one at a reduced cost. Even if they charge for this meeting it’s worth paying.

The Area Also Has an Impact

Before you settle on a lawyer you should go out of your way to check prices for your area. For example, rural Wyoming will charge lower prices than the heart of San Francisco. Fees can vary heavily from area to area so it’s important to get a high-level look at what lawyers charge in your area.

Last Word – Quality Over Cost

Don’t get hung up on what the cost of your divorce lawyer is. You only have one chance of getting this right. Focus on your divorce lawyer getting you the best settlement.

What do you think a lawyer’s fees say about them?


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