Where to Shop for Karl Lagerfeld Apparel?

Karl Lagerfeld is a name that can't be missed in the fashion industry. He is an icon known for his unique styles that look amazing on women of all sizes and shapes. His collection includes dresses for all seasons including ready-to-wear lines, handbags, shoes, and other accessories that are sure to make you look beautiful, regardless of the season and occasion.

From a young age, Lagerfeld was interested in design, and this passion led him to graduate in design and history from the famous Lycee Montaigne school in Paris. After working with many different design houses, he started to design the full line of clothes for major fashion houses like Chanel. Along with it, he also started his own label, but sold it to Tommy Hilfiger in 2005. Today, he continues to design collections for some of the finest fashion houses such as Chanel and Fendi, and is the creative design director at Tommy Hilfiger.

Lagerfeld's collections have a personal touch to them, and this is probably what makes them stand out in a crowd. Simple designs, varied textures, and some dazzling accessories are what makes Lagerfeld's clothes one of the most sought after in the world today.

Impressed? Are you ready to shop for Lagerfeld's collections? Here are some places where you can find them.

Shop Sociallite

You can visit Shopsociallite for all Karl Lagerfeld apparel, as they have all his line of clothes. Here, you can find clothes for both women and kids at some of the best prices on the Internet today. The vast collection, intuitive web user experience, and attractive prices - all make Shopsociallite the one-stop shop for Karl Lagerfeld's apparel.

Chanel Stores

Another place to find a good collection of Karl Lagerfeld apparel is physical Chanel stores. These stores are filled with Karl Lagerfeld collections, and you can shop your heart's content here. All major cities around the world have a branch of Chanel, and here you can even find the latest designs from Karl Lagerfeld.


Dillard's, a department store chain in the US, also houses many of Karl Lagerfeld's collections. In fact, the many clothes, shoes, handbags. and other accessories displayed here can transport you to a different world. They not only make you look chic and elegant, but also ensure that you feel comfortable wearing them.

Karl Lagerfeld Paris

The official website of Karl Lagerfeld is sure to have all the designs he has created over the last few months or so, thereby making it another good place to help you find the designs you want. With a wide array of clothes, shoes, and handbags, this website has everything that is truly Karl Lagerfeld!


Harrod's, the popular clothing store in London, is another good place to buy Karl Lagerfeld's collections. Since this place is visited by celebrities, they are sure to have the latest from his collection too.

In short, wearing Karl Lagerfeld's clothes add a touch of beauty that's hard to match. You can buy his collections from any of the above places.


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