5 Things You Should Do Before Marketing Your Business on the Internet

The problem with starting a businesss on the internet is that there are so many different businesses you can start. If you want to find true success in business, then the secret is to focus.

There are several steps you need to take before you start your business. Once you take these steps, you can build momentum in your business.

1. Decide what you will sell

There are millions of products available for sale on the internet. You can't sell them all, and you can't sell to everyone. When choosing your products, your first step should be to make sure there's a market for what you are selling.

Write down several topics you are interested in. Then do a search for these topics using Good Keywords or some other kind of research tool to tell you what's available.

Next, do a search in your favorite search engine. (Put your search term in quotes). This will tell you how many optimized results there are.

The more times your keyword term is searched for, and the fewer results are available for your term, the more valuable your search term is.

This will tell you how competitive your market is. What you learn should also help you decide if the market you have chosen is right for you. Don't worry if there's some competition. It's more important to sell something you are interested in than to sell things you don't care about.

Once you make the decision on your topic, then decide whether you want to sell your products or someone else's. This will help you decide what kind of website you want to build.

2. Decide what type of site you will use to promote your business

I think the thing that scares people the most is building a website. However, there's so many different ways to build a website now, that you really don't need to know how to build a website to get the job done.

If you are selling affiliate programs, you are better off building a content rich website. The same goes for services. If you are selling your own products, you may want to consider a simple sales letter.

Whatever you decide, the first, and most important consideration you should have is to build a list. Most people don't buy the first time. If you want to get the most from your traffic, the way to do it is to build a relationship with your visitors. Offer them information. If you do this, you are more likely to make the sale through repeated contact. You can improve your conversion this way.

3. Write your marketing plan

Once you've built a website, it's time to start marketing. How you market depends on several factors like your writing ability, whether or not you want to do a lot of writing or content creation, your marketing budget, and your own personality.

You can choose a content versus a non content strategy. This includes article writing, search engine optimization, press releases, ads, videos, podcasting, linking or any other way you decide to deliver your message.

The most important thing to do here is to choose one or two different marketing marketing techniques and try them. Test and track your efforts. See what works best for you. If you don't find a technique to be effective, then either tweak your efforts or try something new.

4. Write your sales materials

When you write your sales materials, you should create a text file with all of the information you need. This should include things like your email address, descriptions, links, and anything else you will need to post. Then you can copy and paste the information. This will speed up your submissions.

For example, if you are posting classifieds, then include most of the information free classifieds ask for. Then, when you're ready to post, you simply copy and paste your data into the appropriate spaces.

Keeping a bookmark file of sites you want to post to will also help you speed up the process because you can simply go from site to site or post to multiple sites using more than one browser window.

5. Choose the sites where you will market

The real secret to effective marketing, besides writing an effective sales message, is to go where your customers are.

If you are selling ebooks about fitness, then go to sites where you can post about fitness. Posting on sites not related to your topic is a waste of time. You won't connect with your audience, and you won't make the sale.


Jinger Jarrett is a full time freelance writer, author and internet marketer. She teaches small businesses how to start a business online and then market for free. Her books are available on Amazon.

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