Home Based Business 101


Home Based Business Basics are Universal to Any Niche.

By Jo Lyn Cornelsen, RN QualityNurseConsultants

I started Quality Nurse Consultants, in 1995 with nothing but enthusiasm and motivation. I simply knew in my heart that if I could revamp a school health department or home health business for someone else, I could create a consulting and training business for myself. After landing teaching contracts in Oregon and Washington, I borrowed $3000 from my Dad for start-up, and got busy.

My professional expertise, simple curriculums plus examples of real life experiences, the trainings flowed easily. But I soon found that my students needed more from me than basic caregiver training. They needed a business mentor. So I became the expert in my niche - the Washington and Oregon Adult Care Home Industry. Now, in the last two years, I’m using the lessons I learned in my first home based business to go online and expand into health coaching, energy medicine, personal developmentand anti-aging.

Most Home Based Businesses fail in the first couple years. Mine has had plenty of ups and downs –but I’ve survived, thrived and learned lessons I probably couldn’t have learned any other way.

Home Based Business gives no guaranteed paycheck and will absorb as many hours as you will allow, but despite the risks and challenges, Home Based Business offers a satisfaction and freedom not available in the corporate world.

My advice:

1. Choose a Niche, and become THE EXPERT in your niche.

2. Become the solutions expert for your clients…

3. Create multiple streams of income within your business…

4. Provide only top quality products and services - integrity is everything!

To your success!

Jo Lyn


Jo Lyn Cornelsen came on the Washington and Oregon AFH scene in 1994 as a Home Health Nurse, visiting clients who lived in Adult Care Homes. She perceived the Adult Family Home as an ideal Home Based Business... Care Providers could work at home and Residents could receive great care in home based settings at a lower cost than in a Nursing Home... It's win/win! She trained AFH providers in Oregon and Washington for four years before opening Wisteria Gardens AFH on 20 lush acres in 2001. She...

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