It Takes Teamwork to Make a Company Dream Work

The empowerment of people in the team is very essential to team building. For many years, I've been researching successful team building strategies and I've discovered that the basic reason why so few people fail because they have never really bothered to take time to study how to become successful as a team.

Almost everyone works in a team, but very few ever seem to achieve happiness and success from it. This always amazes me. Let's face it; if you want to be a successful engineer, you study engineering. If you want to be a successful cook, you study cooking. And if you want to be a successful person in a team, you must study success in team building.

A popular adage says, "No man is an island." This is true. No man can work alone. No man can do everything on his own, because if he does, he has a great tendency of making vices out of his virtues. That is why everybody is involved in a team. A team member is part of the hustles and bustles of work. He or she puts aside his or her own agenda and does what is best and necessary to contribute to the welfare of the team.

A team is only as strong as its weakest member. To become part of any team lineup, you commit to being productive and accepting and doing your tasks. It is about dreaming and doing your best in order to achieve that dream. So, in team building, confidence and assertiveness on making decisions is indispensable. It can likewise give the others a greater sense of team spirit. When this is done, the team works in perfect harmony with a competitive yet quality service to the organization.

As a member of a team, you must also become fully aware of lessons learned. Life's lessons are powerful. Lessons come from everywhere and everyone. There might be a lesson coming from a delivery man, from a messenger, from a janitor, form a secretary, or even from your own boss! Daily lessons learned are important messages in life. I believe that if we don't master life's lessons, we are doomed to repeat them over and over until we do master them. Unless you master each lesson, you will never become the winner you were born to be.

A lifetime of success and happiness is achieved when you continually master the lessons learned. Highly productive, highly positive teams also master lessons learned in collaboration.


Josephine Romano is President of Josephine A. Romano Associates, a Vermont based consultant whose focus is life and work coaching, training, and organizational problem solving. Her passion is working with motivated executives and employees in all levels of leadership, management and support staff in business, government and non-profit settings. Ms. Romano holds a Comprehensive Life Coach Certification with Coach Institute, Pa., USA. She also has a license and certification in Prevention with ...

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