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The fact that it is essential these days to have a competent leader, we opt to make a great difference from the typical leadership styles of the other leaders that we already know. So, how do you define a leader? These remarkable tips on becoming the great leader can become your daily dose. Here they are:

  • A leader must be able to see the big picture. Leaders must always have a bird's eye view on the future of the organization's comings and goings. They oversee the tasks that happened, are happening and will happen. They are visionary and always see that something great will happen every day.
  • Leaders are transformative. Since change is the only constant thing in this world, leaders become the masters of change. They transform the weaknesses into something that could give more energy to others particularly to members of their team. Best leaders can convert weaknesses into strengths. They can handle conflicts and can avoid possible pitfalls.
  • Leaders are critical thinkers. The best leaders these days are the ones who are decisive and have the power and capacity to discern right from wrong even under pressure. Leaders know how to think fast when taking action on urgent dilemmas. They are able to solve problems through analysis and discussion followed by action. They make good decisions based on knowledge, priorities, and awareness of risks.
  • Leaders are self-aware. Leaders must be thoroughly familiar with their strengths and weaknesses. A proper identification of should be done so that they can beyond a doubt perform the tasks of an achiever. He thinks. She imagines. He feels. She speaks.
The decision now lies in your hands. Always remember that the seeds of leadership in you will continue to sprout. Give attention to your calling. The application starts now, not tomorrow, but today. The time to act is now.


Josephine Romano is President of Josephine A. Romano Associates, a Vermont based consultant whose focus is life and work coaching, training, and organizational problem solving. Her passion is working with motivated executives and employees in all levels of leadership, management and support staff in business, government and non-profit settings. Ms. Romano holds a Comprehensive Life Coach Certification with Coach Institute, Pa., USA. She also has a license and certification in Prevention with ...

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