Conquer Fear at Work

There is something I’d like you to think about and challenge yourself on. That is conquering fear. Everyone has some type of fear whether it is fear of losing a job, starting a new job, speaking in front of a group, moving to a new place, or changes in their personal life.

Fear can prevent you from progressing in your career and in your personal life. It hampers you from growing as an individual and experiencing thing which could be rewarding. It has a way of becoming a “monster” if you let it fester. When fear stands in the way of becoming all you can, learn to make it work for you not against you.

Conquer Fear

  1. Identify your fear. What are you afraid to do or try? What is something you have wanted to do and have not done it?
  2. Ask yourself, “What am I really afraid of?” What is the real reason you have not or are not doing the above? List as many things as you can. For example, if you are afraid of trying for a new position, you really might be afraid of: failure, not being accepted, not liking the new boss or the co-workers, taking on more than you can handle and so forth. This step is extremely important.
  3. Ask yourself, “What is the worst thing that could happen if I try what I fear?” Things usually seem worse than they are. You grow through learning and doing what you fear. Identify the worst possible outcome, and think of a fallback plan should that occur.
  4. List the steps you can take to overcome the fear. Think of each item you listed in #2 and come up with an action to counter that or an action that would help you be prepared should that happen. Often, there are many steps we can take ahead of time so the things we fear might happen, won’t happen. Or at least we will be better prepared.
  5. Put opportunity first. What is the best thing (or things) that could happen if you conquered this fear? List the opportunities waiting for you when you conquer your fear.
  6. Be confident in your ability to handle new situations. Think about past events or situations that you handled successfully. Remember how good you felt afterwards?
  7. Consider fear a challenge. Many times people don’t take on challenges because they don’t want to leave their comfort zones. Instead of doing what is hard, even when necessary, they prefer the easy road. By challenging yourself and taking on your fears, you reach new levels of excellence and professional growth.
Courage is resistance to fear; mastery of fear—not absence of fear.” – Mark Twain


Joan Burge has been a visionary for administrative training and development since 1990. One of the first to venture into the administrative training industry, she has become an international administrative expert, trainer, author, and consultant. Joan Burge equips administrative professionals to move beyond task work to higher-level functions that meet the ever-changing demands of todays workplace. Best known for her highly-acclaimed Star Achievement Series®, a 12-part Certification and Desi...

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