Workaholics Beware!

If you are like most people in the workplace, you are busy trying to figure out how to handle more work with fewer resources. But a behavioral medicine specialist at the Mayo Clinic says workplace stress can take a toll on your body. What to watch for: headaches, abdominal upset, disrupted sleep, fatigue, lack of patience and loss of sense of humor.

Once you know the pressure is mounting, take healthy steps to fend it off. Concentrate less on work and more on personal relationships – you’ll decrease stress and ultimately increase productivity. I hope these tips will help you.


Workaholics Beware!

  1. Get eight hours of sleep. While food has substitutes in the form of natural medicines or artificial foods, there are no substitutes for sleep and rest. Don’t believe that you can always “catch some sleep or rest later.”
  1. Preserve your weekends. Make Saturdays and Sundays strictly personal time. Monday through Friday, you make an excuse not to relax and spend time with your family because it’s work time. Why not make a similar excuse to spend time with family and friends on the weekend?
  1. Eat. Workaholics are known to be food-skippers.
  1. Confine work to your office. Try not to bring it home.
  1. Exercise. Set aside at least one hour each day or every other day for exercise.
  1. Plan your day! It’s much easier to work on something and finish it first and then move on to the next rather than do a number of things at the same time and never finish or accomplish anything at the end of the day.
  1. Work to live – don’t live to work. Always keep in mind that you work so you can live and have a comfortable life. Working is just one of the many useful and fruitful activities you do that enables you to live a good life and gives your family their needs.


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