Maximizing Home Values and Appearances- How Home-Improvement Franchises Answer the Call

As the crisp fall air hints at the colder weather that's to come, many people's thoughts turn to preparing their homes for winter's return and completing any last-minute home improvement projects. In addition to safeguarding their homes' against winter's wrath, growing concerns over a tumultuous stock market have led many homeowners to look for ways to preserve, protect and increase the value of their most significant asset- their homes. From landscaping concepts, to building and remodeling businesses, a wide-range of trusted home services franchises are answering the call- and providing aspiring business owners with the chance to become part of the in-demand home improvement industry.

Making a Positive First Impression- Enhancing a Homes' Exterior Appearance

A home's exterior appearance has the power to make a positive or negative first impression. Enhancing a home's façade and landscaping not only contributes to the homeowners' enjoyment, but it also boosts the value, curb appeal and functionality of the property. In addition to painting and lawn care franchises, which can provide homes with a much-needed face lift, homeowners are also turning to businesses that allow them to extend their living spaces outdoors. Exterior home improvement franchises that offer services such as walkway and patio construction are catering to the growing demand for cozy, comfortable outdoor living spaces.

Building and Remodeling to Suit Homeowners' Changing Needs and Lifestyle

The economy and real estate market has forced many people to remain in their homes. From growing families, to empty-nesters, rather than moving, many families are remodeling their homes to suit their current needs, lifestyle and taste. Building and remodeling franchises help homeowners tackle various home improvement projects, and often specialize in areas such as flooring, home appliances and bathroom remodeling. When it comes to home repairs, many consumers rely on trusted handyman franchises for big and small home repair projects. With more people lacking the time and skills necessary to perform home repairs and remodeling projects themselves, now is an ideal time to own a home services franchise that provides much-needed, home improvement and building and remodeling services.

Bringing Energy Efficiency, Eco-Friendliness and Style to Homes

'Going green' begins at home for the vast number of eco-conscious consumers who are interested in incorporating sustainable products and services into their daily living practices. Numerous home services franchises offer a variety of environmentally-friendly solutions and provide you with the chance to tap into the green movement. Energy efficiency is one of the first areas homeowners look at when trying reign in their energy consumption and utility costs. Franchises that provide energy audit services, air duct cleaning and insulation are among the concepts that help homeowners increase their home's energy efficiency. In addition, furniture franchises that offer expert furniture repair and restoration services prevent damaged furniture from needlessly winding up in landfills; and carpet cleaning franchises prolong the life of existing carpets, both of which can help people minimize their impact on the environment.

Several home improvement businesses that provide on-site services can be run from a home office, which keeps your operating costs and overhead down. As with many franchises, previous home improvement industry experience often isn't necessary to qualify as complete training is provided; and franchise owners typically focus on building the business and managing a staff that performs the actual home improvement services.


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