As A Manager, Do You Know How To Set Goals?

As the New Year approaches, ask your colleagues if they set goals for themselves. Most people will say yes. But if you asked how many put their goals in writing, and track them, the actual percentage of people becomes far less. Unless goals are written and tracked, you might as well call them secrets.

Whether personal or financial, there is a process you must follow to give yourself the best chance for goal success. First, you must have both long- and short-term goals. Your long-term goals will actually define your short-term goals, so it is critical that your long-term goals are developed with the passion of what truly motivate you.

To do this, you must create a vision of what you want for yourself and your family. This vision will uncover what you would like to have your life look like in the future. It is not so much about what you want to acquire (a vacation home) but how it's going to make you feel when you get it (freedom, respite, healthy, in control) This emotional component and passion will keep you focused, and help overcome the obstacles you will inevitably confront. Approaching your career with passion is a motivating force and leads to the successful actions that achieve goals.

Now that you've identified your goals and you've painted your mental picture, how do you make it real? A very simple technique can do the trick. Develop a pictorial collage of your goals... literally, cut and paste pictures that represent all that you are striving for. It could be a picture of the outcome, like a vacation or a car, or a picture that reflects the way you want to feel once you've achieved that goal. The beauty of this is that it's a strong visual of what you've achieved and a constant vivid reminder of where you want to be.

As a business owner or CEO, it is critical to understand how to link your business goals with your employees' personal goals. If you can discover their vision for themselves and their families, you'll understand what truly motivates them to action, giving you both the best chance for goal success.


Joe Ippolito is an award winning sales trainer, business consultant,speaker and frequent columnist for the Boston Business Journal. Joe has worked with sales and management teams across a wide range og industries from technology, medical products, healthcare, staffing, consumer products and professional services among others. Sandler is rated by Entrepreneur Magazine the as the #1  sales and sales management firm in America.

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