Do You Know Who You Are Hiring?

Hiring mistakes are one of the costliest mistakes a company faces, and sometimes the most difficult to undo. Many companies claim they have a process for hiring, but if so, why is hiring the right person one of their biggest challenges? How often has a candidate appeared like Tom Cruise and end up like Rodney Dangerfield?

When the hiring process begins, there is an immediate need to be filled. Therefore, the hiring manager looks at a candidate as a solution to a problem, and the interview tends to become a lovefest. And what salesperson can't sell themselves effectively during a one-hour interview? You start telling them how great your company is, they start telling you how great they are, and the initial glow of this conversation masks the critical hiring issues and often leads to a bad hire. Gut feelings replace logic, and the person you just hired turns out not to be the superstar they claimed to be, but just someone dissatisfied with their previous situation -- Rodney Dangerfield.

So what should a company do? The first thing is to always be prospecting for great salespeople. Don't wait until you need one -- you won't be able to find them. Instead, the focus must be to try and disqualify the candidate first, and stop selling your company to them. Otherwise they will tend to oversell or misrepresent their true selves to work at such a great company.

Using the proper evaluative tools will give you the best chance to maximize the skills of your existing salespeople and to find the right fit with new hires. They are an effective way to measure key behavioral competencies that help identify those who will be successful on the job.

These personality attributes do not usually reveal themselves during the interview process.

Remember, hiring is as much a science as an art. Use the proper evaluative tools and heed the advice that appears on the bottom of your mutual fund report: Past performance is no indication of future results.


Joe Ippolito is an award winning sales trainer, business consultant,speaker and frequent columnist for the Boston Business Journal. Joe has worked with sales and management teams across a wide range og industries from technology, medical products, healthcare, staffing, consumer products and professional services among others. Sandler is rated by Entrepreneur Magazine the as the #1  sales and sales management firm in America.

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