5 Questions to Ask a Financial Planner Before Hiring Them

A financial planner is someone who is certified and then employed to assist his or her clients with managing their finances. They also help their clients set financial goals and come up with strategies to help them achieve these goals. A person may feel led to hire a financial planner if they begin to feel overwhelmed with his or her current finances, if he or she does not have the desire or ability to handle his or her finances, or if someone needs an impartial individual to handle his or her money. Some financial planners do require a minimum amount of money that is to be invested, on top of charging a share of the investment. The minimum and percentage can vary depending on the financial planner, so be sure to shop around. Before deciding if you need a financial planner, it would also be beneficial to weight the cost benefits- if you do not meet a certain minimum in investments, it may not pay you to hire a financial advisor.

When looking to hire a financial planner, it is important to go into a meeting prepared with questions. As you are looking to hire someone to handle your money, you want to be very thorough and know all of the facts before you decide to trust someone with that hard earned money. Below are five important questions you should ask a financial planner.

1. You need to ask about charges and fees.

Your potential financial advisor needs to be upfront with you about what their cost for handling your finances is, as well as any potential commission they may make by selling you something. You should also ask what percentage of your assets is theirs. You should understand exactly how your financial planner is getting paid by handling your money.

2. You need to ask for their certifications.

It is important for you to be aware of what your potential financial consultant is certified to handle. Please preview this slideshow to get a better understanding of which certifications are necessary for which circumstances.

3. You need to ask what financial planning services they provide.

You need to be aware of what exact services you will be receiving, as well as being aware of what services you will not be receiving. You do not want to find out a few months down the road that your financial planner does not offer a service that you need.

4. You need to know their investment strategies.

It is important that you are aware of how your financial planner approaches investing your money. You want someone who is going to make smart, calculated investments.

5. You need to ask about ideal clients/history.

It is important that you are aware of the kind of client your financial planner accommodates. You want to ensure that he or she is qualified and experienced in handling a portfolio similar to yours.

You can refer to more questions to ask a financial planner near you located here.


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