Great Companies Define A Path To Succeed!

The restaurant industry presents many career progression opportunities as an example you can start as a dishwasher and dream of owning your own restaurant... and actually realize that dream! But it takes dedication and a willingness to learn, make mistakes and work hard to accomplish that dream.

It's a complex business. The nature of the customers varies from that in other businesses by their expectations: they do not only buy food, they expect to buy it appetizingly prepared and pleasantly served. They expect great value, comfort provided by compatible décor, great comfortable seating, lighting, heating, cooling, cleanliness, courtesy, and with the absence of noise, drafts, odors and long waits.

Career Pathing

An Overview & Tips For Implementation

HR experts understand the importance of ensuring that top performers progress through their organizations so that human capital is their competitive advantage and strategic differentiator. For organization's to dominate and become a respected leader in their market place, they must invest in their human capital. Great leaders understand the strategic goal to build a world class work environment by shaping the future, executing on yearly actions that align with the future state of the business. Leaders ensure they have the right talent to achieve their strategic actions, build the next generation of talent by investing, listening and developing the greatest asset "Employees". Furthermore, by implementing this methodology it will result in an increase in the retention of your best talent.

Let's look at some facts:

With job abandonment on the rise - one study showed 1 out of every 3 voluntary terminations in the quick service restaurant industry are a result of no future progression with the company (People Report, 2006 SULEP) - leaders must be called upon to clearly show employees the career opportunities that exist within their organization and what it takes to achieve more responsibilities and career progression.

Organizations with a formal communication vehicle for open restaurant management positions had 18% less turnover than organizations with no formal communication (People Report, 2006 SULEP).

There is a direct tie between customer satisfaction and workforce satisfaction and a key driver of that satisfaction comes through engagement. Career pathing increases employee engagement and workforce satisfaction. This dynamic process enables leaders to engage their employees in interesting job responsibilities, accountabilities, design a career roadmap, and show employee how they can realize their career aspirations within the future of the organization. This has increased employee retention dramatically in many great companies.

What Are The Critical Elements Of Career Pathing?

  • A visual roadmap that communicates the career progression available to all employees
  • Simple, Measureable, Realistic, and Time Based cascaded performance goals
  • Talent Review, Development Programs and Succession Planning to measure your talent and their progresses
How to Create & Implement Career Pathing?

  • Need to ensure all career pathing programs are aligned with the strategic direction of the company
  • It needs to be customized to fit the individual, values and culture of the organization
  • Identify a metric scorecard to define what would success look like in progressive jobs and what experiences are critical
  • Evaluate an individual's position readiness by using real life projects
  • The roll out of a communications plan to introduce and educate managers and employees on Career Pathing.
What Are The Benefits of Career Pathing?

  • Engages and retains your human capital
  • Makes human capital you strategic differentiator and competitive advantage
  • Creates a strong leadership pipeline for all key roles
  • Builds a culture of continuous learning


Mr. Walters has held progressive management and executive positions in Human Resources and Safety for the past 15 years. He has played leading roles in the development and implementation of strategic Human Resource initiatives, which have aligned with core businesses for BroadGrain Commodities Inc., Trane, Hussmann, Thermo King Canada and Ameresco Canada Inc. These programs include compensation and benefits, talent acquisition, employer branding, succession planning, talent development, emplo...

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