It is All About the People

First, managers must develop a scorecard for the position they want to fill so that they can avoid just hiring the person with the most impressive resume or a candidate that has the most relevant experience. Instead, managers should aim to hire the best person for the specific job they hope to fill as well as the best fit for the company's culture. By clarifying the essence of the job's purpose and the goals the incumbent must execute on and achieve, scorecards help managers identify what specific competencies the ideal candidate should have.

In order to source top talent, managers must change their mindset about talent acquisition. Managers must view the process not as one they should engage in only when they have a job to fill, but something they should work on constantly. For example, every time you are networking or meet new people they should ask "who are the most talented people you know?"

Once you have a set of potential candidates, managers must then follow a process to weed out the B and C players. This must be done by conducting a quick phone screen and then asking probing questions to both the candidates and their references throughout the process.

Finally, you need to sell an ideal candidate on coming to work for you. Managers must take into account a candidate's family's interests, and tying together the company's vision, needs, and culture with the candidate's goals, strengths, and values.

Managers have to ensure they acquire the correct talent, and move the incorrect talent out of the organization. Making the wrong hiring decision is costly and time consuming for your business.

At "HRPreneur Inc." We believe that the power to lead the market is in an organization's talent!


Mr. Walters has held progressive management and executive positions in Human Resources and Safety for the past 15 years. He has played leading roles in the development and implementation of strategic Human Resource initiatives, which have aligned with core businesses for BroadGrain Commodities Inc., Trane, Hussmann, Thermo King Canada and Ameresco Canada Inc. These programs include compensation and benefits, talent acquisition, employer branding, succession planning, talent development, emplo...

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