6 Tips for improving your Web site's click through responses Part 2

1. Start thinking beyond keyword research Remember the idea is not just to create content based on your own objectives (to sell a product or a service) but to write content based on your audience's interests.

There are plenty of ways to attract that perfect audience to a page if you can get your mind set free from focusing on only your own objectives.

Ask yourself:

What is your audience looking for?

People are using the Internet everyday for the purpose of research.

They're looking for articles, interviews, product reviews instructional tutorials, statistical data, internet based tools, software reviews, movie reviews, stock quote information, medical articles, photos and graphics not to mention online price comparisons and shopping interests for retail and wholesale type services plus a whole lot more.

2. Create fresh, original and engaging content that speaks to your specific ideal audience.

It's important to relate to your specific readers in a way so they can relate to you. You might want to talk about a common challenge that your entire audience will be able to relate to and feel for, before you start introducing your solution. It's very important to create content that speaks to a specific audience.

3. Remember to think in terms of "topics of interest."

This will be different for every business, but for example

here are a few to get you started:

  • Explore peoples interests or hobbies
  • Explore people's "health" related interests
  • Explore people's security or safety related interests
  • Explore people's "common challenges" that can relate to your solution.
  • Explore people's "opinions"
  • Explore people's "political views"
  • Explore people's "religious beliefs"
  • Explore peoples "historical interests"
  • Explore people's "statistical interests"
  • Explore people's favorite "tools"
  • Explore peoples "niche interests"
  • Explore peoples "nostalgic interests"

4. Remember to include strong calls to action

What do you want the reader to do once they finish reading your content.

You need to clearly build these options into each page and leave nothing to guess work. Describe what action you would like them to take and never assume that they will just know, because they won't act - unless you spell it out. It may be to place an order or a call to action may be to simply have them sign up to your newsletter. Whatever it is, make sure and give them a taste of the value instead of just telling them what action to take.

5. Remember to monitor your own industries news

Many people forget that news is 100% legitimate white hat, because the search engines understand "news" is meant to be syndicated. The additional link reputation can be beneficial if your press release is carried in huge publications like Forbes or perhaps AOL Money & Finance.

6. Be sure that any page that you want response from, has a clearly established objective.

Your content pages can be optimized for nearly any type of purpose.By having an objective defined, it allows you to write your dialog to fulfill that objective


  • Make more sales
  • Building your list of permission based subscribers
  • Teach readers something useful (such as offering a tutorial)
  • Answering Frequently Asked Questions
  • Helping to dispel misinformation about a topic
  • Offer useful statistics
  • Create popular topic related informational pages
  • Offer up pages that have some interactive social media purpose
  • Create Advice columns
  • Pages that communicate using Audio and/or video

Plus a bonus tip: Remember to use the confidence builders

  • Include your store's address or location
  • Have a policy page that explains what you do with e-mail
  • Use credit card logos near the "Buy now" button.
  • Define your policies with a unique difference from the competition.
  • Give the reader several options to buy
  • Think of ways to offer extra bonuses (free shipping still works.)


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