Man always achieves the goal that he sets for himself. Always.

I have always been a person who keeps hopping around from one hobby to another. For some time I was crazy about learning how to play the guitar. And I learnt it. Then I was crazy about setting up aquariums. And I ended up with 2 of them in my house. For some time it was angling, and I spent lots of money and time indulging in it. Then I fell for flight simulators. And I learnt it inside out in much detail. Photography came up next. And I went into great detail in that too. Fitness and muscle was another of my hobbies. And I spent some time on that too. These are just to name a few. This attitude towards life made people give me the ‘What’s new?’ today kind of look. I was branded as the guy who never sticks to one thing and keeps jumping around. And it was not a good thing.

I always used to ask myself as to why I have this peculiar habit of not sticking to one. And I found the answer. The answer took a big burden off my shoulders and let all the built-up guilt slide. I was a free man again. And what’s the answer? It is simple – I had met my target with whatever I was involved in. Let me explain. When I started off with guitar, my GOAL was to know how to play the riffs and the lead solos of Guns N’ Roses, Def Leppard, etc. I grew up during the late 80s and early 90s. I used to admire guitarists in my college who could play, and I used to wish that one day I would learn to play like them. And guess what happened when I got the chance? I spent 2 years learning the guitar and I learnt how to play the same riffs and lead solos that I had dreamt of. I had achieved my goal. And once that was achieved, where do I go next. I had reached my destination. Because I had not set a goal to go beyond ‘just learning to play the guitar’, I ended up moving away from the guitar and found something else to indulge in. Probably, I would have achieved greater proficiency if I had set a goal of being part of a band or something. In that case, I would strive to achieve that. And similar is the case with my other hobbies. My goals for each of them were to ‘learn and see how it works’. And I achieved every single one of them.

It is said that both Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin after returning back to earth from the moon went into depression. The reason was, ‘now that they have been to the moon, what else is there?’ They did not have anything else to look forward to. Going to the moon was considered to be the ultimate achievement. NASA learnt a lesson from that incident, and they set goals for the next line of astronauts to be consultants and analysts AFTER they come back to earth. So going into space was not the end, but just a part of the end. You see the difference?

Many people have the wrong notion about goals. You hear many people say that one fails because he does not have goals. I feel that’s wrong. Everybody has goals. I mean EVERYBODY. Most people have a goal of eating 3 meals and a 9 to 5 job. And are they achieving it? Yes! Man always achieves his goals. The problem is that the goals are not big enough! That is where the problem lies. The vast majority of people have set below par goals because it can be easily achieved. Les Brown once said, “The reason why people fail is not because they set too high a goal and miss, but because they set too low a goal AND HIT!”

This is why, in today’s world, you see 1% of the population earning 96% of all the money that there is to be earned. That is why you see only 800 billionaires among 6 billion people, on the whole planet. It’s just that those 800 set their goals HIGH. And since the above paragraphs prove that man always achieves the goals that he sets for himself, I want to ask you this question – What about you? How high are YOUR goals? Are you goals something you can comfortably achieve? If yes, then let me tell you right now that you will fall in the 99%. Aim High, Aim big. Set your goals in such a way is it is OUT OF REACH, but NOT out of sight. And don’t worry about whether you will achieve it or not. Because you most certainly WILL! That’s the whole point of this article. All you have to do is gather the GUTS to set it high, and then stick to it. That’s it.

Take care and God Bless.


John Bino is an entrepreneur and success coach specializing in helping fellow entrepreneurs and the community at large to realize their true potential. His mission is to help people become more valuable to their family and the marketplace. For more information on John Bino or to contact him, go to either his blog or to his business website

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