Advertising: Free Samples For Retail Shops

The modern consumer has a virtually unlimited number of options when it comes to product selection. Whether it is through an online venue or on location at a physical retail store, customer options have never been greater. Luckily, all of these options have created at atmosphere of fickleness and uncertainty, with brand loyalty at an all time low. This creates the perfect opportunity for creative entrepreneurs to steal market share from their competitors, assuming they utilize the correct marketing method, such as offering free samples at a retail location. Convincing a potential customer to switch products is often a challenge because customers are unwilling to invest in a product which they are unfamiliar with. Consumers will also often continue using an inferior product because they are simply to lazy to research more effective alternatives. When combined with other marketing strategies, free offers can be an effective way of exposing customers to a superior market option.

Marketing through the use of free samples is almost a must for new products specifically. Consumers are more willing to share a free sample with members of their family or social circle, especially if they are attempting to make a decision about quality of the product. It might be a cliché, but in actuality there really is no such thing as bad publicity. Word of mouth is a power marketing tool that can be sparked through the use of free samples at retail locations.

The most crucial aspect of marketing through the use of free samples is successfully transitioning consumers into paying clients. If the product offered is clearly superior to the previously used item, simply offering the new item at a comparative price will often be enough to convince consumers to make the switch. In instances where consumers are being asked to pay more for the new product, additional coupons or discount periods may be a necessary marketing component.


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