CPG Marketing with Free Sample Giveaways

Simple marketing methods effectively further business goals. One simple marketing method that has been used for years by business owners is free samples, also known as freebie marketing or sample product marketing. There are several reasons why free samples attract such a large customer base and helps build on it. First, free samples create a certain emotion in customer's minds, especially when done right. For further clarification, consider how shallow corporate America can be. Many businessmen and salesmen are perceived as selfish, greedy people who do not care about their customer's well-being. Actually, these stipulations are correct many times. That is why it is so important to be genuine as a businessman.

When businesses offer free samples and free giveaways for absolutely nothing in return, it brings back the sense that the owner cares about his customers, which creates a positive response from the customers. Sure, there will be many customers who simply take advantage of free offers and free giveaways without any regard to the business owner's sincerity. However, those customers must be cared for as well. Any discrimination defeats the true purpose of free sample marketing.

Also, free samples help customers to trust the business owner. For unknown reasons, human psychology proves that gifts create a need for reciprocation. When a customer receives a free gift, he may feel the need to reciprocate, sometimes by doing nothing other than trusting the company. However, customers may reciprocate by purchasing the actual product, especially if they are asked to do so.

The businesses that frequently offer free samples or free giveaways are often the most successful companies. Consider Walmart and Sam's Club, both having the same owner. On any given day, the two major chain grocery stores are offering free samples, as well as sending free samples to customers via mail.

However, depending on your business type, free samples may not be so easy for you. If you own a retail clothing store, giving away free shirts would cost more than giving away a free cup of cereal. This type of marketing is something you must consider in your budget. Perhaps you can start your campaign with small items that do not cost your company so much money to give away. Test your campaign and determine if it is effective.


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