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The way companies market their products are typically similar. However freebie marketing varies with every company. For example, many grocery stores implement freebie marketing by offering free samples of foods or other products. However, retail stores have to be a little more creative -- and willing to spend more money on their campaign. Many retail companies offer free samples of cologne or perfumes to attract more sales, while others include valuable coupons that can only be used in conjunction with other items. Some retail company owners use the buy one get one free marketing method as their freebie marketing. Regardless, retail companies still strive to provide its customers something of value to retain future business and customer loyalty.

As trends move in different directions, retail companies may have to be creative to adjust to the trend movements. As of now, the younger generation is a highly technical generation, focusing on computers and other gadgets. Moreover, the younger generation stays connected as much as possible by using technological devices, such as computers, cell-phones and other gadgets.

Retail business owners, especially businesses with teenagers as the target audience, must utilize these trends to appeal to their customers. Many business owners now provide freebie products online by sending out coupons to membership customers. Additionally, some companies provide valuable coupons to customers who add the business' social media page.

Of course, mobile devices are becoming very popular for surfing the Internet. Therefore, many businesses are switching gears and focusing on providing freebie products to customers via text messages.

No matter what generation retail companies appeal to, freebie marketing will always promote a healthy customer loyalty base. Without loyal customers, a business will lose most of its free word of mouth marketing. That is why many business owners do not mind giving away free products in return for simple customer loyalty.

If you own an online or brick and mortar retail business, you must also utilize freebie marketing to retain customer loyalty. Use both online and offline marketing methods to aid your campaign.


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