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Retail sellers who market their products correctly with promotional items and free samples can increase their client base. Care should be taken to offer free stuff strategically in order to effectively build sales rather than incur losses from the expenses associated with giving away items for free. Promotional Items

Promotional items are items created expressly for the purpose of marketing a business. These items are usually representative of the business, but not the very same items that the business sells. Everyone loves free stuff, and giving promotional items away can pay off by bringing more customers to businesses. Events, purchases and giveaways all give sellers opportunities to interact with potential customers and provide them with items that keep the business and its products fresh in their minds. When customers put promotional items to use, they also take them into the public eye where they can generate word of mouth about the business.

Promotional items can be given away at trade shows and other events, as gifts with purchase or as prizes for giveaways. Small promotional items, such as pencils, key chains and stress balls, can be printed with company colors, logos, phone numbers and other identifying information. Because they are reasonably inexpensive to obtain, these items can be given away generously. Other modest items, including tote bags, make good gifts with purchases. Gifts with purchase reward customers for spending and remind them of the store when they put them to use. More expensive items, such as camping gear, fancy pen sets and wall clocks, can also be printed with company information and given out selectively as prizes for drawings or rewards for competitions.

Free Samples

Advertising with promotional items can help draw people into store locations. Once they have arrived, free samples of products carried by the store can help them discover and evaluate new products, making it more likely that they will add these products to their future purchases. Samples should be large enough to give customers a taste of what the product has to offer, but small enough to leave them wanting more.


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