Grow Your Retail Fan Page with Samples & e-Coupons

In the new world of social media, most companies have an Internet presence, and many companies have a fan page on social networking sites that helps to get the word out about their product. One excellent way to boost business is to offer free samples and coupons to entice customers, old and new. The first tip for using free samples and coupons to boost a business is to make sure the free samples are of value and the coupons are easy for the customers to understand and use. Nothing is worse to a customer than thinking they have been misled because there is a discrepancy between what the coupon says and what the customer can actually do with it. For example, a coupon that comes with a lot of restrictions is bad for business because many customers will find that using the coupon is more trouble than it is worth.

A great way to grow a retail fan page is to offer free samples or coupons to customers who promote the retail company's page. Businesses that reward customer loyalty are more likely to not only retain their current customers but attract new ones each day. Many retail companies will offer perks to customers for joining their fan page. These perks can be a coupon code to use online or special notice about upcoming sales and events within the company. Fan pages can also be used to interact with customers and make them feel like they are valued shoppers of the retail company.

Some retail companies will use their fan page to give customers a coupon that can be redeemed within a specific time period. In some cases, all customers have to do is go to the retail company and mention the company's fan page to get a discount or free merchandise.


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