How To Get Retail Consumers To Give Up Their Information With Freebies

If you plan on owning a successful small business, you must have a solid marketing strategy. In that strategy, your goal should be to obtain visitors information to communicate with them via email newsletters and other updates. Statistics show that many people do not return to a website once they leave it. Therefore, capturing email information is very important to develop a relationship with each potential customer or client. However, people know this; therefore, many of them do not sign up for email newsletters from companies that they did not specifically search for. That is why small business owners must be very creative and give the visitors a reason to voluntarily submit their information.

One method that business owners use is free giveaways. Freebies may seem simple, but there is a strong psychology behind its success.

The psychology of freebies

No one likes being sold to, but persuasion never hurt anyone. Business owners know they must be persuasive without being pushy. One effective persuasion technique is reciprocation. In this technique, the business owner may do a special favor for his customer. The customer feels compelled to reciprocate the favor by answering the business owner's call to action. That call to action may be a sale, but it is mostly answers to questions or submitting information.

When a business owner gives away a free item or information, the customer may feel compelled, if asked, to reciprocate. This is why freebies are effective for getting website visitors to submit their information.

How to effectively use freebies

Blatantly offering free items may seem desperate or obvious. Many site owners hint towards free items, knowing that customers will seek more information on their own. Once the customer receives the item, or is promised the item, he should see your call to action and answer it without feeling forced or manipulated. The trick is to remain discrete with every approach.


You will never know if freebies are good for your marketing strategy unless you experiment with them. When you are first starting your freebie campaign, use inexpensive items that will not hurt your business' profits, in case the freebies do not help you advance your company.


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