Using Free Samples To Lift Retail Sales

Using free samples to lift retail sales is much different than giving away free product to drive foot traffic to your retail store. When you use product to drive foot traffic, that product can be anything so long as it grabs the customers' interest. If you decide to use free samples to life retail sales, you need to feature products that you offer in your store to try and drive more revenue. The first step to using free samples is to talk to your supplier about your plans. Remember that driving more revenue for your store also means more revenue for your distributor and the manufacturer. If you pitch your idea to the distributor, or the manufacturer if you buy direct, then you may find a level of support that will help lift some of the financial burden from you. The distributor or manufacturer may offer a discount on samples to give away, and funding to help create a significant level of marketing.

Plan your giveaways carefully to coincide with the target market you are trying to reach. If you are trying to increase sales for products that normally sell to younger teenagers, then giving away free samples while those kids are in school is not going to work. Have a target market in mind for your free sample giveaways, and develop an effective plan for reaching that market.

Make sure your free sample giveaway display is placed near the products you are trying to sell. Some store owners make the mistake of putting a sample display at the front of the store where it will get more attention. If people know you are giving away free samples, then they will find those samples. Putting the samples next to the product will increase sales.

There is more to giving away free samples than just setting up a table and offering free items to clients. By planning your free sample giveaways, you can help increase the revenue for selected products within your retail store.


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