Adjusting Your Attitude to Lose Weight

There is a basic equation for losing weight: use more calories than you consume. One of the easiest ways to do that, it is sometimes believed, is simply to eat less at least of certain foods and/or exercise more. And, it's true, that is fundamentally what all diets amount to. But how to do that to achieve natural weight loss requires a little more. In particular, it often requires a change in attitude. Attitude alone won't change the rate at which your body burns calories, nor will it magically cause you to eat less or exercise more. But sustaining a weight loss program over the long run needed to achieve permanent results can only be done by (in part) a change of attitude.

But what attitude? What is meant by attitude, here, anyway?

'Attitude' is used here to sum up all those views about what to eat and whether to exercise, and how. Some, even those who desire a more natural weight loss program, simply go on doing more or less the same things day in and day out. But no change in behavior will result in no change in effect. To change behavior, it's necessary to adjust the attitude.


That's the 64 thousand dollar question and the answer, it will come as no surprise, will vary from person to person.

Some individuals will reach a crisis point in their lives. They are tired of looking in the mirror and seeing a body image they despise. Or, they are tired of feeling tired all the time. They are strongly motivated at the outset to adjust eating habits, change their diet and commit to a healthy exercise program.

Others have to dig a little deeper, to find the inner strength to change, to look farther down the road. Starting a diet 'after the holidays' or 'after changing jobs' or any of the thousand other reasons we devise to start later means one thing: not starting now. But now is the time to start, if you want to start achieving results now. That means changing attitude now.

Easier said, than done, it goes without saying. But not so very hard if you look to any of the many available sources for helping you. Friends who have successfully started or gone a long way on a natural weight loss program can be an inspiration. Let the positive pull of their success motivate you, more than the negative guilt of where you are today.

Read about the large variety of diets available. No one of them is perfect for every individual. Finding one that fits your natural inclination will help get you started. Some people find it easy to devote to tracking calories. Others only want to focus on healthy foods, but keep portions modest. Still others want to follow a diet that has been successfully used by those they know or trust. Anyone will want a natural weight loss program that optimizes their overall health. Here, the only correct answer to 'Which is best?' is the one that gets you started and produces results for you.

Starting that research is the first step to helping you alter your attitude, a shift that will result in the change you are really after in the first place: losing weight.


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