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NetQuote is a web-based health insurance provider that provides individuals with low cost insurance options. Through the site, consumers may receive free insurance quotes from any of the 50 states. The quotes will be available from any of the company's national insurance partners or the independent local insurance agents. Some of the largest insurance companies in the United States are listed on the NetQuote website. Some of these companies include American Family Insurance, Amica Insurance, AARP, Electric Insurance, The Hartford and Unitrin. History of NetQuote

The company has been providing this service to consumers since 1989. In 2006, the company combined with Norvax, Inc. to provide its consumers with premium communication tools, as well as, premium customer service. The increased productivity of the company has allowed the company to handle customer issues in the least amount of time. Customers are pleased with their responsiveness as a result of their partnership with Norvax. With improved data entry, fewer mistakes occur that will result in negative interactions with customers.

NetQuote Services

NetQuote allows consumers to compare plans side-by-side and generate quotes instantly. The company is constantly seeking ways to reduce the costs of their customers. By offering all of their services online, they reduce their costs by eliminating the need for the production of brochures and application forms. These savings are passed on to the consumer. Online quoting systems allow consumers to receive the lowest prices available on health care insurance. Once a company is selected, an agent from the company will contact the person immediately to discuss the plans and the pricing options available to the customer.

Because the quoting system is online, consumers may access the program whenever they would like. Consumers may access the quoting system 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. Consumers may review the plans at their leisure and perform proper research before selecting insurance. NetQuote realizes that researching insurance may take as much time as a full time job would. Therefore, they would like to reduce the amount of time required to perform the research. This is an ideal way for consumers to select the best deal financially and health-wise.

Types of Insurance NetQuote Provides

NetQuote will provide consumers with quotes for general liability, workers compensation, business owner insurance and any other types of business insurance. Business owners may receive quotes to help them protect their business and its employees. NetQuote will provide the company with information about both high deductible insurance and standard deductible insurance. Experts are on standby to give advice about the type of insurance best for your business.

NetQuote will also provide group health insurance quotes for any company. Group insurance is a valuable perk to provide to employees. Studies show that group health insurance is the second most valuable perk aside from compensation for employees. Over 100 of the group health insurance companies are listed on NetQuote. Insurance is available for companies that have only two employees or for companies that have over 100 employees. Consumers may view multiple quotes on one single screen. This makes the comparison process easier.


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