The SUV Owner’s Guide to Lower Auto Insurance Premiums

For all sports utility vehicle owners, the power and thrill of driving your dream SUV comes at a hefty cost. Although the high insurance rates are a tolerable trade-off for some, many drivers suffer under the increased financial demands of owning a larger vehicle.

Why are your SUV rates so high? Insurance is based on risk, and a sports utility vehicle carries a number of risk factors with it. In a collision, an SUV can do more harm than a small car. Further, SUVs have a much higher center of gravity than smaller vehicles, making them twice as likely to roll right over in an accident.

Don’t despair. There are measures you can take to lower your insurance premiums:

1. Shop around. Compare insurance rates among various companies and you’ll be surprised to find how much the rates will vary. It’s worth it to compare.

2. Be a cautious shopper. Before you buy a new vehicle, sniff around to know what rates you can expect from your insurance provider. If it’s too much, it isn’t too late to choose a different model.

3. Keep that driving record clean. Drive carefully and defensively because the better your record, the less you pay for insurance.

4. Score high on credit ratings. Pay off your bills to build a good credit score and win you favor with insurance agencies.

5. Install safety features. Airbags, anti-lock brakes and parking sensors will keep you safe and lower your premiums.

6. Be a loyal customer. Sticking with the same insurance agent can pay off. You can establish a good record and receive discounts when your vehicle is renewed. Plus, if you obtain your home and auto insurance from one provider, you can score multi-policy savings.

7. Ask about group insurance rates. If you’re a member of an auto club, see if you qualify for a discounted group fee.

Try these strategies to save big on your SUV insurance premiums.


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