Creating a Vision

Many entrepreneurs, when they start a business, have some kind of vision for the business they are trying to create … too many, however, have $$$$ as their ‘vision – they just want to make money. Nothing wrong in that, of course, but it doesn’t help you communicate the essence of your business and its future to others … which is what a vision statement, alongside a mission statement, can do.

All business success is based on team work – if your team don’t understand your vision, how can they help you to create it?

Mission and vision statements are often considered as interchangeable but they should be different and complementary. The mission statement explains what the business is – and what it is trying to do. The vision statement explains what it will look like if it achieves its mission … or at some key milestone on the way to achievement of the mission.

Think of the two – mission and vision – in this way.

The mission is what we ARE and what we are trying to achieve.

The vision represent what we WIL BE.

Your vision should be aspirational … but realistic.

So, when crafting your vision, try to picture your business in, say, 5 or 120 years. How big will it be? Who will be its customers? What kind of product/service range will it have? What will its supply chain be like? You should then focus on the 1 or 2 key points that best sum up the picture of the future you want to see.

So, components or, or complete, vision statements could be:

By 2020 we will be a $50 million company.

In 10 years there will be a XXXXX store in every city in Colorado.

In 5 years, we will make 1 in 10 of all phone handsets sold.

We envision a world where malaria has been eradicated.

If yours looks like one of these, everyone who sees it will know of your ambitions – your planned future.


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