VMOST analysis to ensure strategic alignment of all actrivitty

The VMOST Analysis Tool is a useful tool to ensure that you (and your team) are still aligned to the original mission and mission. The VMOST process has 5 key elements: Vision Mission Objectives Strategies Tactics The VMOST tool is an analytical process. It reviews the 5 elements of your team/organisation and reviews if the elements are in alignment.

The tool is really useful to you as a manager, it helps you to ensure you are working to your business vision, highlights any problem areas and helps you to prepare for the future by creating and evaluating plans.
The VMOST Components Explained
VMOST Components
1. Vision The organisations future state - Inspiring to staff, clear to customers – it helps them to understand why they would want to use your company’s products and services
2. Mission The organisation’s purpose, explained in terms of the key measures that need to be achieved to meet the vision
3. Objectives - Specific goals linked to the mission
4. Strategy The overall plan that needs to be followed in order to meet the objectives.
5. Tactics A specific set of actions that are required in order to carry out the strategy
A successful and focussed operation will have all of the components aligned – whether these are viewed from the top-down or the bottom-up. If you review your team from the top-down then your vision should drive your mission, your objectives should be set to achieve your vision. Strategies should be designed to help you meet meet your objectives. How you carry out your activities is done in such a way to implement your strategy.
Carrying out a VMOST Analysis is a simple but effective process which determines if all elements are aligned both from top down and bottom up: Steps Approach
Step 1 – Scope
Choose the scope of your analysis:
• Are you assessing how the whole organisation’s day to day activities contribute to the overall vision?
• Do you want to focus only on your own or your team’s contribution
Step 2 – Collation of information
Based on the scope that you have defined, collect the 5 sets of information:
• Vision statement
• Mission statement
• Key objectives
• Strategy document
• Tactics and activities to deliver the strategy
Step 3 – Questioning
Answer the following questions:
• Do the key measures in your mission statement fit the values described in your vision statement?
• If the objectives are achieved, will the measures in the mission statement reach the levels described in, or inherent in, the mission statement?
• Does your organisation/team strategy support the achievement of the objectives?
• Will your tactics deliver the strategy?
Step 4 - Analysis
Review the answers to your questions in Step 3.
If you answer ‘yes’ to every question, you can be sure that you, your team, or your organisation contribute to the overall vision from your day to day activities If you answered ‘no’ to any of the questions in step 3, you need to adjust or redefine one or more of the VMOST elements.


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