What business should I start?

I am sorry about this becauseI am going to disappoint you. You probably started reading this thinking I was about to deliver a big secret. I can't tell you what business to start because I don't know ...

  • where you are geographically (and the state of local markets)
  • what your skills and experience are
  • what interests, excites and motivates you.
You, however, should know all of those ... so you are ideally placed to make the decision.

What I will say is that you need to have a 'dream' ... but that dream must be tempered by some cold, hard analysis and logic.

You do need to be excited by your proposed venture ... but it is not enough. Just because you think it is a good idea, does not mean your potential customers do. So, you have to find out ... somehow. Look around you at what people are doing and buying. How does your idea build on what has gone before?

And when you think you have finally got an idea that looks promising, you'd better do your sums. If you are right ... and people do want what you are offering ... your business will start to grow ... and this is the biggest point of failure ... the inability to finance expansion and meet customer expectations. If you let customers down through slow delivery or poor quality (because you are underresourced) don't expect them to come back anytime soon!

You need a good idea, supported by some good planning ... and then you need excellent execution. Are you confident you can deliver on all of these. If not, you need some hlep. Find it and take it.

You might not think I have been very helpful ... but ifI have made you think a bit more carefully about your proposed venture, I have done my job;

Good luck!


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