3 Time Saving Tips For Your Home Based Business

The vast majority of new home based business owners are still working a full time job. The demands of working plus raising a family can make spending any time on their Internet home business seem impossible.

After working a long day at the office plus the commute to and from work it can become difficult to focus on properly promoting a website. Many of the needed tasks to properly promote a home based business can become tedious.

Posting to your blog, perhaps one of the most important aspects of a Internet home business, can become a treaded task rather then an enjoyable one. Surfing the traffic exchanges late at night can seem pointless and a complete waist of time.

There are a few tricks that can help you save time during the week while still actively promoting your Internet home business.

1. Write a week worth’s of blog posts on your day off and then publish them each morning.

If you are using WordPress this is very easy to do. You can complete each post, tag it with your keywords and then save it. Then first thing each morning pick a post and publish it. It only takes a few minutes to publish the post then to submit it to your favorite social sites.

When you get home at night you will have free time to post in a few forums and respond to emails

2. Join a couple of traffic exchanges , purchase some credits. Usually when you join a traffic exchange you are offered a special deal if you upgrade your membership and if you are working a full time job it is a good idea to go for one of those packages. All you have to do now is to allocate your credits to one of your website pages, or to a squeeze page you have setup on your website.

You will also be able to set a daily credit cap which is a good idea if you want to spread out your traffic exchange exposure to cover the duration of a few weeks.

3. Include your family in your business- This can be both effective and rewarding, depending on the age of your children you can include them in some aspects of your home based business.

While they are home from school allow them to surf for credits on the traffic exchanges while you are at work. It can become part of their daily chores mow the lawn, clean your room, surf for credits.

If they are doing it knowing they are helping you with your Internet home business it will become the easiest daily chore you have them do.

If your child is older, say college age. Show them how to add a link to their signature and let them post in their favorite forums. Have them add a link in their myspace, twitter, Facebook and other sites and let them do what they do best, network.

By implementing these simple to do actions , you will be able not only to maintain but to build up your website's ranking and exposure on the Internet. You may well find that your traffic traffic stats, and your Alexa ranking improved while you were at the office.


John McRae researches Work From Home Opportunities and different ways to Earn Extra Cash From Home

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