Franchising is a Design-Build Program

A popular method of constructing buildings is what is called “design-build.” When design-build is utilized, one contractor is responsible for both the design and the construction of the building. This frequently allows the project to be started before all of the design criteria, such as the interior design, is finished. Construction can begin sooner than if all of the design details were completed first. For example, while the outside of the building is being completed, the interior design can be finalized.

Your franchise development program can also be a “design-build,” because it is not necessary to have every detail, such as name registration, a “perfect model,” operational details, franchise forms, or even the existing entity that will be selling the franchises, before starting the franchise program.

A few months are required to prepare the franchise program for franchise sales, and during this time, many of the details can be defined and completed. You do not need to wait until you think that you are “completely ready” before starting your franchise development program. We can begin working on your franchise program and advise you of those decisions that need to be made to complete all the details of the project. In this way, you can start your franchise program without delay.


John Power, founder of AdvantaFran Franchise Consulting, has extensive experience in franchise development and sales. He has been in and around franchising for over twenty years.

In 2005 Mr. Power began working as a franchise development consultant, and developed his own boutique franchise development firm. He has worked full-time in the franchise industry since that time.

He has developed a franchise consulting company with experience in all areas of franchising, from ...

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