TIDE Series-Taking Shape

This week we've spent time working ont he next TIDE Innovation Series event which is slated for October 11th and will feature with the Chief Operating Officer of Nakumatt Holdings. When I look back at how TIDE came about and what it's becoming I can't help but be amazed, like a small seed that grows into a giant tree this event is beginning to take shape.

TIDE is evolving into more than just a series of talks, it's going the step further and encouraging networking amongst the attendees of the event. The value of networking supersedes the event itself, it's from those networks that business and professional relationships are born. I intend to tap into the networking aspect completely and have been thinking of building a social network dedicated to TIDE.

We received a request for a video of the last event, we didn't have any having overlooked the need to record the event for future reference but this time we intend to record and put it online for all and sundry to watch and see what they missed.

In the meantime we have setup a temporary page for the TIDE website on www.tideseries.org, we intend to change it soon :)


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