How to generate lots of high quality inbound links

We all know how important inbound links are to your online success - the defining criteria, in fact. Other than just building a great destination or a website that inspires inbound links, what other strategies can you pursue to try and generate the sorts of quality links that will really make a difference to your rankings? There are plenty of opportunities if you keep your eyes open and your thinking cap on. Here are just a few.

Run some searches against the sorts of terms that you want to be found on. Check out the competition. Check out the source of inbound links by running the domains through a back link checker. See who's linking to them. After all it's largely those inbound links that are elevating them to the lofty positions that they are enjoying - the sorts of positions that you want too. Get busy and email the backlink sources politely explaining who you are and that you offer a set of products and services very much along the lines of the sort of thing they might be interested in telling their visitors about. Sure it takes time and it takes effort. Manual link building is a laborious process. But it's also essential. If you're in this for the long haul then get with it. You can be sure that your competitors (or at least any who merit your attention) are doing it already.

Even better if you can find a dead or expired domain. No-one wants to link to a dead site the link donors will most likely be extremely grateful to replace links to the dud domain with links to yours.

Link out to sites that might add to your visitors' experience. Encouraging a happy, healthy link ecosystem is all part of the process. Other sites notice that you are linking to then and the chances are that before too long (as long as your content is relevant) they will link back to you. Don't be shy in suggesting reciprocation if nothing has happened after a few months.

Remember too that social media and blogs as well as all the usual off page SEO in the form of press releases, articles and directory submissions are also a great way to generate inbounds.

Sound complicated? Involved? Greek? Talk to an SEO professional for all the latest thinking and techniques on how to build quality into your site. Happy link building!


Jonathan Celeste is Director and founder of Onit Web Solutions Ltd - a leading web design and search engine optimisation agency established in 2002 and based in the UK.

Having over 12 years experience in the IT industry and a qualified MCSE, Jonathan's web design and digital marketing is big on inspiration, big on know how and totally client focused. Whether you are a sole trader or a multi-national Onit Solutions is...

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