A Behaviour Change Model

Here’s a simple model I came across to use when you want to encourage someone to change unsatisfactory behaviour.

The AIC model:

A= Awareness

I= Implication


If you follow this model, the first part is to raise the Awareness of the person regarding what they have done.

For example: “I noticed in the meeting this morning you disagreed with everything Paul said, but didn’t offer any constructive alternatives”.

The you ask the person to state the Implications of their behaviour as they see it: “What do you think happens when you do that?”

And finally you ask what they intend Changing: “So now that you are aware of the effect of your behaviour, what will you do differently in the future?”

By following this pattern you are more likely to get a commitment to changed behaviour as the person has, in their own words, stated the implications of their behaviour and verbalised a change course of action.

It is also a very useful self-coaching model to review your own behaviour, understand the implications of what you have done or propose to do, and put changes in place as required.

Author:. Jonathan Payne is a leadership coach and inspirational speaker who has come across more people than he would care to who are looking for someone or something to take control of their lives for them. But he has also come across many, either in life or in their writings, contemporary and ancient, who live with backbone. These inspiring people have made their mark in the world, mostly by expecting others to live with backbone. It is this type of thinking which drives ... Go Deeper | Website

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