Sports for Nature and Earth Day

Hello everyone, We want to send out a special message today because it is Earth Day! It is important to celebrate this day, but more importantly, it would be great if every one of us once in a while does something to help reduce our footprint in the world. The ideal action is something that will not cost us much or anything at all, both in terms of money and time. Some examples would be recycling more, not using bottled water or reducing the use of it, turning the lights off in rooms that are not being occupied in our homes, disconnecting appliances that are not used for long periods of time, taking a shorter shower in the mornings, even if it's just a minute less, it makes a big difference when multiplied by hundreds and thousands of people.

At Sports for Nature that is what we think Earth Day is all about, making small adjustments in our lives that will not cost us money or time and that will make a big difference in the long run. Not only that, but some of these small actions might actually save us money. Now that's a win-win proposition!

The same can be applied to companies, if they make small adjustments as they are doing now more often, they not only save money, but also look good and help the environment.

At Sports for Nature our goal is to promote and empower environmental organizations so they can continue doing great work related to the environment. We try to contribute to this goal as much as we can, not because we think global warming is imminent or the world is going to end soon, but because we think it is the right thing to do and because we want to act "as if". As if there is a serious environmental problem, as if global warming is indeed a global threat, as if we are eroding nature more than we should and the environment will not be able to sustain us much longer if we don't reverse our course of action, as if we need to starting changing our behavior towards nature before it's too late.

There is much scientific data and point of views with respect to the environment and our actions, but at The Green Business and the Sports for Nature team, we like to act "as if"; not worrying about what position to take, or what piece of data we should believe in or not, but simply because it's the right thing to do and also because doing something good for the environment does not take much effort on our behalf, just a few simple actions throughout our day. And also because it's nice to save some money while we're at it!

Happy Earth Day everyone, cheers!

Sports for Nature: Promoting conservation through sports

Sports + Environment = Healthier people in a healthier world


Jorge Morera, M.A. Mr. Morera has a diverse academic and work background. He is the Founder and President of The Green Business, an international environmental consulting company based in Reston, VA with satellite offices in San Jose, Costa Rica. He has led hundreds of sustainability assessments in the Americas, helping companies save thousands of dollars while being more environmentally friendly. He also created the Sports for Nature® concept to successfully combine sporting events and natur...

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