Guerilla Marketing In the 21st Century - The Internet Jungle.

Is it possible to still use the same techniques you used to build your MLM or Network Marketing Business 10 years ago? Absolutely. If you want to get smoked and go down in flames.

The Game has changed, the cheese has moved and unless you are constantly adjusting, maneuvering, ducking and dodging, you will never experience true success in your business. It’s like a jungle out there. Your competition is fierce and lurks behind every corner looking to take you out. If you’re not prepared that is exactly what will happen. The best way to prepare yourself is to have a strategy to move forward with. A battle plan if you wish. Most folks just dive in, throw a bunch of mud on the wall and “HOPE” something will stick. Some may and some won’t. I am not about to gamble with my time and effort. I want my battle to count for something.

Marketing has all changed over the course of the years. Yesterday’s was TV, Radio and Newspaper advertising. They had their hayday. Today it’s all about blogs, Pay Per Click, Article Distribution, Video’s, Banner Ads, Email Marketing, Voice broadcasting, etc… You get my drift? The Cheese has moved and so have the mice.

I used to build my business old school style. Here is the process I was taught years back.

1. Make a list of everyone you have ever known. Doctors, Family, Friends, etc.

2. Call those people and pre-qualify them, asking them if they are keeping their options open, If they ever look for ways to make extra money, If they are making all the money they want to, etc. etc. The list goes on and on.

3. Book a face to face appointment to do a brief overview with them.

4. If they were interested, then book them into a 1 hour informative meeting where they will get to meet your upline and the team and find out all of the other details.

5. Do a Follow up with the prospect after the meeting.

6. Do a product demo/walk through with them.

7. Enroll them in your business.

8. Nurture them for the next 60 days hoping they will duplicate your efforts

WOW!!! I cant believe I did that for so long, but you know what? I learned an awful lot about people and the psychology behind why people do what they do, make decisions they make and most of all “WHY THE BUY”.

Now Let’s take a look at Guerilla Marketing and you will see how much different it is than Dinasauric, archaic style.

Never make lists, never cold call, never attend weekly hotel meetings, don’t buy leads.

1. Use Blog’s, Funded Proposal Funnel Systems, Auto-Responders, Article Marketing, Video Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising, Social media, Social Bookmarking, Groups on Linked in, Facebook, etc..

2. Never talk to prospects unless they come into my sales funnel. I don’t call people unless they qualify themselves to talk with me.

3. I target the audience I am looking to attract and offer them value. I always give before I ever take and always give more than I ever take.

4. I dominate the search engines, have branded myself online so that people can Google me and my name dominates Google and every other search engine, not someone else’s opinion of me.

5. I generate FREE, High Quality leads on a daily basis. People with cash in hand, ready to buy or learn something new. It’s a whole lot different than taking people who are negative, to neutral and then to a positive space. That is called convincing folks. I NEVER and I repeat Never convince anyone to do business with me or buy a product of mine.

6. I do webinars, training calls and always give people the training they are looking for.

I could write all day on the fact that the game has changed and unless you change with it, your done, Kaput, finito Pau….

If you are building your business online, don’t just dabble with it. I guarantee you’re not getting the results you want because your not putting in the time necessary to educate yourself on how to market properly. There are millions of resources out there to bring you up to speed and help you leverage the power of the world wide web to totally explode your business online. Get in the trenches, pay your dues and you will be taking the internet by storm in no time.


I was a former General Manager in the Hotel Business working 70-80 hours a week sometimes 7 days a week. My commute Time was sometimes 3 hours to and from work. After 10 years of this, I decided to say goodbye to all of that and dive into Internet Marketing Education and Top Tier Direct Sales.

I had tried MLM and failed miserably. I then started learning about attraction marketing and how to leverage the power of the internet.

After six months of diving in and...

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